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Decluttering Your Home in 2016: Trends in Home Storage

Last updated October 24, 2019

People like having space to easily access and store the things in life that are important to them. In fact, The Plan Collection has some great advice for anyone who has selected a new house plan and will soon be moving into their new home in 2016.  The following are some suggestions to make your new place a chaos-free space.

As you pack up your old home you may note how much stuff you have collected over the years. It may not be pretty, but even so, there are special items that most of us will still want to keep. And once these items have been identified, there are more than likely many other items that you know need to go. To declutter your current space so that you can move into your new home without the clutter, here are a few tips.  

  1. Figure out the value of all your most valuable items. This may require hiring an expert appraiser to help determine the value of antiques or other treasured pieces. And remember to always keep receipts for unusual items to show the appraiser.
  2. Always take photographs of valuables, and include this in your written appraisal, which also serves as a record for insurance purposes.
  3. As you pack to move, ask yourself, “Do I really need this item? When was the last time we used it? Does it bring me or a family member joy?” If not, then it may be time to get rid of it.
  4. Donate unwanted items and especially books, clothing or furniture to local groups like the women's shelter, a church, community center or Good Will. Keep a record of donations for tax purposes.
  5. Pack wisely.  Mark all the boxes so they will land in the correct spaces or rooms, and make sure to tape them up good so there are no accidental spills or breakage along the way. Keep a note of precious items so that they do not get lost or stolen along the way.

Remember the days when we used to hide everything for storage behind the closet door? This is now a thing of the past. Today’s house plans feature large sliding doors and curtains, or better yet expanding closets that showcase their favorite items.

Once you are moved in, there are a number of exciting new solutions to help keep you and your family organized well into the future. Here are just a few:

The closet island – Some home plans feature islands in the walk-in closet with countertops and drawers for jewelry, belts and other small accessories. This not only makes getting dressed a breeze, but it also offers a safe spot to place that much-needed cup of coffee every morning!

Transparent storage is hot – made out of clear or near-clear materials such as frosted and/or see-through drawers. In some cases, know that bedroom closets today can be almost like exhibitions to display favorite items (like shoes or handbags) or collectibles. What’s more, it makes life much easier when you can find certain items when getting ready for life’s events.

Split his and hers closets – Now all the rage, splitting the closet can include unique decor and styles. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Ladies may prefer clean white or cream colors with metallic accents, while his closet might feature contrasting dark wood or leather for a more masculine space.  

Custom organization spaces – homeowners are adding their custom creative flair to storage spaces using everything from clear plastic bins to woven baskets, to wire racking. What’s more, most home plans today feature custom niches, nooks and wall shelves on which to place them.  

Precise lighting in closets – With the rise in transparent materials, people also want an accessible closet where they can easily find things. This means better lighting is in order, from halogen (which makes jewelry sparkle) to pink tones low lights on dimmer switches (great for skin tones).

When it comes to the kitchen, your new house plan offers you the opportunity to “do it right” and plan out the spaces for easy food preparation. With the open floor, plan trend comes larger kitchens, and the latest storage and convenience item is side-by-side kitchen islands that provide lots of added storage.

Open shelving – Decorative, and practical, open shelves enable homeowners to place favorite plates, pitcher collections, or glassware for easy access and use. Open shelves right above the cooking space allow easy access to the most-used items. Reserve the lower shelves for less frequently used kitchen appliances.

Eco-friendly kitchens – The National Kitchen & Bath Association says in 2016 there will be more emphasis on trash collection using easy-access pull-out wastebaskets for recyclables and trash.

Kitchen Islands and cabinets – look like custom furniture and are designed with an architectural appeal (right) in mind to serve as a focal point along with the utilitarian purpose. Here is a more in-depth look at kitchen islands.

New gadgets like Haefele or Rev-a-Shelf – appliance shelves can lift a food processor, dehydrator or mixer from a cabinet up to operating height. These can be added ($100) to any base cabinet.

For more exciting trends in home design for the New Year read our article entitled, 10 Hot Trends In Home Design for 2016. 


Caption: A kitchen island with its built-in cabinets and drawers sits in the middle of the kitchen. The peninsula eating bar has cabinets as well  (Plan #161-1021).

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