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Working with our archictects and home designers, our curators have organized our thousands of house plans into the unique collections you find here. We hope that these collections will help you more quickly find the home of your dreams. While design styles often come to mind as an initial approach to finding your perfect home, our team has also considered many other important aspects of building an ideal home as part of creating these refined collections. The geography of your building site comes to mind - a flat site or sloping lot or a lot with amazing views? For others, finding a home design that "fits in" with the region may be most important. And of course, how you perfer to live within the home can have a meaningful impact on the floor plan's interior features. Use these collections as a starting point for your search while taking advantage of our advanced search features to further refine your home plan selections.

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Have a pretty good idea as to the number of bedrooms or square footage you want in a house? Then start your search with one of these collections.

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House plans with island kitchens, walk-in closets, master bedroom suites, and luxury bathrooms offer many features highly demanded by demanding home builders.

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Curious to see what homes are particularly popular in your state or region? Based upon sales and users' favorites, we've identified our most popular house plans in each of the regions below.

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Not sure where to start? Browse these special collections assembled representing some of our users' most popular house plan searches.