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Modifying House Plans is Easy with The Plan Collection.

You found a plan.

You want to make it perfect.


Which category are you?

Let’s find out.

Easiest Modify House Plans

Easy Plan Makeover

Fastest and easiest
Minor changes adding notes or drawings to a plan
Referred to as “redlining” and accepted by most building departments (double check with yours to be sure!)
  • Moving / resizing doors or windows
  • Changing non-load-bearing walls
  • Changing exterior finishes
Is this you?
  • Many of these changes can be done by your builder or a local draftsman
  • Our designers can also work with you to make these changes
Average Cost: $200-500 + cost of plan
Easiest Modify House Plans

Medium Plan Makeover

Fast and Easy
Significant changes that require the help of a professional
  • Adding a fireplace
  • Enlarging a kitchen or bathroom
  • Adding a room, garage or porch
  • Foundation change
  • Exterior wall framing change
  • Changing roof pitch
Is this you?
  • o Our designers are often your best and most economical resource for these changes
Average Cost: $500-1200 + cost of plan
Easiest Modify House Plans

Extreme Plan Makeover

Most significant changes to the house plans
  • Expanding the footprint >20%
  • Adding multiple new rooms
  • Changing or removing load-bearing walls
Is this you?
  • Many of our customers with these types of changes opt for the CAD file and work with a local designer / architect to make these changes
  • Our designers are familiar with the plans and can make these changes for you
Average Cost: $1500 and up + cost of plan

How Do I Get Started?

Once you have chosen a plan, just click on the "Modify this Plan" button on the plan page to itemize your changes and submit a request for a free quote.
  • You will usually receive a free quote within two business days
  • If you’re happy with the mod estimate, you will then need to buy the PDF file, CAD file, or Reproducible Master of the plan
  • Our modification designers will provide one-on-one consultation once you place the order
  • Turnaround time for the customization is normally within 3 – 4 weeks

Modifications FAQ

Most modifications are feasible. We do find, however, some requests related to significantly “shrinking” the size of a house cannot be made while keeping the integrity of the plan. For example, national guidelines and local building codes require hallways, door entrances and staircases to have a constant width. As a result, sometimes it is not possible reduce the size of a house to the extent desired.

All modifications done by our design team will still require the purchase of a PDF file, Reproducible Master or CAD file. Typically, modification fees range from $500 - $1,200 (plus the cost of the PDF file, Reproducible Master or CAD file), but modification fees can vary based upon the extent of the modifications requested. Free quote requests are usually completed within two to three business days.

This will depend upon the number and type of changes needed. Typically, once you and the designer have agreed upon the changes to be made to the home plan, the designer can implement those changes in five to fifteen business days – depending upon the extent of the changes.

The first step is finding the house design that meets most of your needs. The second is having a clear plan in mind. This will help you understand the impact of your changes for your new design. Then click on “Modify This Plan” on our plan details page and submit the specifics of your changes so we can quickly respond with a quote.

Fortunately, many of our designs come with an option to purchase a plan in a right-reading reverse or mirror (type is backwards) option. If you find a house that does not come with either option, a modification can be made. The normal costs would be the price of a PDF file, Reproducible Master or CAD file plus an additional $150-$300 in modification fees.

Yes, it is possible. Many of our plans come with options to purchase different foundations. If you find a house that does not come with foundation option you need, please let us know. Sometimes foundation options have been recently added by the designer but our system has not yet been updated to reflect the new foundations. If the foundation is not available, the typical cost would be the price of a PDF file, Reproducible Master or CAD file plus an additional $150-$300 in modification fees.

We work with a large network of very talented designers and architects. We will be more than happy to put you in contact with someone in your local area. Submit a request for a custom design.

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