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Rather than buying a house, you decide to build your dream home because you want it to be everything you want it to be. There’s nothing wrong with showing your own creativity. You start with purchasing the building site and noting the details you want for your dream home. The possibilities are limitless, and you have to take the size, location, and your budget into consideration – not to mention the special amenities and features that may crop up during the design process. Soon you’ll realize that the time has come to decide between hiring a house designer / architect to develop a house design from scratch or working with a pre-drawn house plan.

A truly custom designed home can take up to ten times longer compared with pre-drawn, or stock, home plans. It can also cost up to 10% of the total construction cost of a home. It is a common misconception for new homeowners to believe that they will be living in a carbon-copy home if a pre-drawn house plan is used. There are a variety of impressive pre-drawn home plans to choose from, which include the most updated room dimensions, layouts, and amenities. And best of all, these pre-drawn house plans can be customized to fit almost any of your needs.

Pre-drawn, or stock, house plans, just as the name implies, are pre-drawn so you can visualize your needs. These home plans are usually drawn by a leading design professional, often with decades of experience in designing residential homes. Any of these house plans can then be taken to a local draftsman, designer, or in some cases your builder to be modified for your specific needs. This process is less time consuming, as the professional will just need to incorporate your specific requests into the overall existing house design.

Here are just some of the advantages of purchasing pre-drawn house plans:


>  Pre-drawn house plans are significantly less expensive. You can purchase a pre-drawn home plan, make significant modifications to it, and still have meaningful savings.


>  Pre-drawn house plans will save you potentially hundreds of design-related time (and the cost associated with them).


>  You have over 20,000 pre-drawn house plans to choose from.


>  Families can still get exactly what they want in their home.

Clearly the flexibility of building with a pre-drawn house plan is more beneficial in most cases as opposed to starting from scratch. The same quality and style can be expected – but with utmost convenience for not only the homeowner but the home builder as well. Pre-drawn house plans are more conducive, less time consuming, and less expensive, which will help you stay within your budget. 





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