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Blueprints are more than pieces of paper. They reflect countless hours of creative thinking, drafting and re-working of drawings and then finalizing of set of house plan blueprints. As a result, house plans are intellectual property and protected under Federal Copyright Laws. Please read the following information to fully understand your rights and those rights of the designer.


All floor plans, renderings and other published content on this site are the property of their respective copyright holders. ThePlanCollection.com is a publishing company marketing a collaboration of the finest plans from trusted home designers and architects. These affiliated house designers and architects have copyrighted their own works and retain all rights and responsibilities for their works.



License of Use

When you purchase a set of construction plans through ThePlanCollection.com, you are purchasing a license to construct a single home only. Multiple uses are not permitted. Any duplication, reuse, sale or publication in whole or in part beyond the license to construct a single home is subject to copyright infringement laws and faces possible litigation for damages.


In summary:

1. House plans are protected as intellectual property under Federal Law and violations are subject to severe financial penalties. 

2.  It is against Federal Law to either copy or modify a design displayed on this site without the purchase of the appropriate license or written permission.

3.  Any set of construction plans purchased from ThePlanCollection.com comes with a license for the construction of a single house. Multiple uses are not permitted.

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