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A House Built for the View


Life is a balance of priorities, influences, desires, and duties. There are so many things pulling us in different directions. Our home is a place where we should be able to escape the nagging influences of the world around us and be at peace. It helps if we’re surrounded by a serene landscape and wildlife.

homes are the quintessential example of a home that should open up to the environment and let the tranquility flow through.


Home plan #130-1007 is a Beachfront home that lives and breathes on the scenery around it. Not only does the plan feature plenty of deck space, but the floor plan is arranged to maximize the view. This is called Inverted Living. The ground floor houses the garage or carport. The main floor is above the garage and is dedicated to the bedrooms. All the main rooms like the great room, dining room, and kitchen are all on the top floor, where the view is second to none. This particular plan emphasizes the dining room with surrounding windows and scenery on three sides.


Live your life in harmony with the surrounding environment. Let your house bring in the peaceful elements around you. Start by building your house with environmentally friendly products that can be recycled or reused. Conserve water and energy when you can. You’ll save money in the long run, and you’ll have greater respect for the ground you’ve built upon.


Check out this and other Beachfront homes here. If you live in other scenic areas besides the beach, contact us to see about converting these homes to your climate. Also, look at our collection of Coastal and Vacation homes. You’ll be sipping lemonade and soaking in the view before you know it!-

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