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13 Ways to Bring the Warmth and Comfort of Fall into Your Home

Celebrate the Splendor of Fall with These Festive Décor Ideas



The crackle of leaves under your feet, pumpkin patches, the aroma of hot cider, football, the World Series, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and warm breezes changing into cool winds. Ah, the smells, sights and sounds of the fall season!


As summer slowly comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate the wonders of autumn with some decorative touches. 



1.  Enhance curb appeal with fall flowers

Display the vibrant colors of fall in your courtyard entry or front yard by planting shrubs and flowers like mums, asters, and sunflowers. With their different shades, these blooms add splashes of color will certainly stop onlookers in their tracks.


Color photo of house plan #153-1095

Stop and look! A gorgeous courtyard decked out with colorful fall flowers and shrubs adds to the charm of this 1-story, 4-bedroom, 4-bath European-style home plan (House Plan #153-1095).



2.  Add front porch touches

With Halloween and Thanksgiving looming in the horizon, do a combination of décor accents that can easily be switched out. Think pumpkins, gourds, jack-o’-lanterns, flowers, ivy, dried corn, and hay.


3.  Give the stoop a piece of the action

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spacious front porch to decorate – so make use of the front stoop or steps to set up something festive to welcome guests.   


Color photo of house plan #153-1781

No pumpkins, but fall shades abound in the flowers and shrubs that adorn the front steps of this 2-story, 4-bedroom Craftsman-style home plan (House Plan #153-1781).



4.  Spruce up the front door

In addition to the conventional fall wreaths and garlands, use other accents like dried wheat and corn, pine cones, and chalkboards for the front door. 


\Color photo of house plan #142-1123

A fall wreath on its front door adds to the idyllic country feel of this delightful 1-story, 3-bedroom Cottage-style home plan (House Plan 142-1123).




5.  Create window box displays

Finish up your decorations around the home’s exterior with window boxes filled with flowers and leaves of eye-popping colors.  


6.  Show off a fall-themed hallway

Step inside the home and create a hallway or a foyer that’s warm, welcoming, and “in-the-fall-décor-mood.”


7.  Flaunt your style with a fall centerpiece

From logs to baskets filled with candles and berries to trays with autumn harvest items, transform your dining table into a festival of fall colors and bounty.


Traditional fall centerpiece on a dining table

This traditional centerpiece – a colorful flower arrangement – is a simple but striking image on the dining table of a 2-story, 4-bedroom Colorado Mountain-style house (Plan #161-1036).



8.  Brighten up your home with candles

There are different scents to go around. And with a few simple touches, candles are wonderful accents in home décor. 



9.  Refresh the bedroom

No major renovations are needed to get the bedroom in shape for the fall season. Switch out summer curtains and beddings with the warm shades of fall. Go for oranges, pinks, brick red, and gold.



10.  Don’t forget the bathroom

Bring the warm and soothing colors of fall into the bathroom, especially a guest bathroom. Start with a color scheme that reflects the vibrancy of the season (burnt orange or gold). Add dried flowers and leaves to the décor, and your bathroom will be all ready. 


Bathroom of house plan #141-1180

Perfect for the fall! This bathroom in a 1-story, 3-bedroom Country-style home plan sports warm fall colors – from the wall to the framed art and other accessories (House Plan #141-1180).



11.  Impress guests with themed table settings

Nothing speaks of fall and the holidays more than a table setting to welcome family and friends. Go from the simple to the rustic farmhouse-inspired to the modern, and, the table setting will still be a hit. 



12.  Get in the mood with Halloween themes

If you’re not too big on Halloween but would still like to get in on the action, mix in a few Halloween decorations with the customary fall accents to put the “magic and spooky” in your home.   



13.  Dress up your fireplace mantel

Need more fall spirit as Thanksgiving comes around?  Touch up the fireplace mantel with candles, mini-pumpkins, leaves, flowers, garlands, wreaths, and an autumn harvest.  


Fall-decorated fireplace in home plan #135-1018

All set for Thanksgiving guests! This gorgeous fireplace in a 1-story, 5-bedroom Mountain-style home plan exudes warmth and comfort. The decorative touches include a dried flower arrangement, light sconces, and a planter filled with pine cones (House Plan #135-1018).



As another summer comes to an end, get ready for some easy and terrific “do-it-yourself” projects to make your home cozy and comfortable for the wonderful fall season! Share your ideas in the comments section below.



Footnote: The lead image in this article features the beautiful rear patio of a 2-story, 4-bedroom Craftsman-style home plan – with its simple but delightful arrangement of colorful autumn flowers around the space. For more information, click here (House Plan 153-1781).

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