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The Right Appliances for your New Home Plan

Building your new home from an economical online house plan is the way to go today, but what about the final costs of decor such as wood floors, window treatments, and carpet, not to mention new appliances. The Plan Collection has some suggestions for how to find the right appliances for your new home plan in this $25 billion dollar industry.


The recent demand for household appliances is surging as manufacturers develop new technology for products that will meet the demands of demanding consumers who are more willing to spend these days. Consumers not only have an eye for the latest design trends but they want the latest technologies that save time, money, and energy, such as remote electronics, and eco-friendly products. Then manufacturers must innovate while they maintain quality at lower costs, so they seek the latest, highest-performing, and most cost-efficient materials such as steel and plastics.


The latest new appliances are based on the expected increases in new home construction and consumer spending, so the demand for household appliances will most likely see a significant increase over the next five years. Consumers still purchase appliances based on cost.


You should know that the major retailers are not bound by long-term buying contracts with their appliance manufacturers, therefore the manufacturers have more incentive than ever to keep product prices low. The big-box retailers are continually seeking new suppliers that offer more favorable terms, so the smallest cost-cutting measures can have a big impact on their profits.


Here are several tips on how to locate the best prices on appliances for your new home plan.

  • First, review your new house plan’s kitchen and measure very carefully.  Review your list and decide what appliances are most important based on your family size and lifestyle.
  • Research brands, and price points in advance of the date your new home will be ready. Once you know what you want, create google alerts with your wish list of brands and models, so you will know when retailers post these items on sales and at discounts.
  • Look at companies like Sears outlet warehouse in addition to the Big Box stores like Home Depot or Best Buy.  The warehouse outlets often have out-of-production or overstock items on sale for substantially less.
  • Remember that it is not easy to take an appliance back if or when you get buyer’s remorse, so do your homework first and choose carefully.
  • Fall is supposedly the best hunting season since showrooms must clear space for the next year's models.
  • Measure all new appliances against your new home plan and the foyer, stairways, and entries to the kitchen or laundry room area. You don’t want your new appliance to damage walls, doorways or worse yet, not to fit at all.  
  • Measure and re-measure the fridge. Remember that "counter depth" includes both the refrigerator door and its handle.
  • Beware of front-load washers or refrigerator doors that open too wide and block people from walking by.
  • A high-rpm front-load washer or dryer can actually cause shaking in the room, especially upstairs; plus dryers need proper ventilation so ask your builder in advance to assist in the plans for venting.
  • Remember that a refrigerator door opens both left and right, so just be careful that the door on the one you purchase opens on the correct side.
  • Remember to research and/or listen to the appliance and its decibel levels. Be sure your new commercial-kitchen range hood is not so noisy that you never want to turn it on.
  • Think twice about stovetop ranges with low-slung ovens. They are difficult to access and beware of front-loading washers that are angled so low that you need to purchase a riser.
  • Don’t be fooled by top chef needs – if you are not really into cooking then you won't be happy with a high-tech gourmet refrigerator with narrow vertical shelves.  Look for appliances that fit your personal needs.
  • Always remember to find out about warranties and repair services. Get the telephone numbers for companies that can service based on brand and location.


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