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Editor’s Choice

 5 Bedroom Contemporary Country House Plan

This contemporary country house is a favorite for several reasons. I’ll list some pros and cons to help sort it all out.


Let’s start with the pros:


  • Functionality: and a lot of it! The plans include both formal and informal entertainment areas, a space-efficient design, and private 2 nd floor bedrooms (up to 5!). A convenient upper-floor laundry room and a secluded powder room are just icing on the cake. This floor plan just screams good, sensible, usable design.


  • Economical: The square design wastes little space and leaves no room for funny angles which take extra effort to build. The roof is also simple to construct and uses less lumber. This plan maximizes usable space and minimizes materials cost.


  • Options: A unique feature of this home is the 2 nd Floor options. There are three included with the plans. The differences between the three are small and simple, but modifying the plans to match would cost at least a couple hundred dollars. Beyond that, some municipalities will not allow on site changes at all, so even the simplest of changes can become impossible without options on the plans.


Now for some cons:


  • The design isn’t all that different from a lot of designs out there. Some would dub this a “cookie-cutter” house. I would give it the “Best of Class” award.


  • There isn’t a lot of visible creativity. The house seems rather boring in concept and dulls in appearance. However, I say that the creativity shows in the space planning and the available options.


There is plenty more that could be said of the subject, however, I chose this house due to its versatility and functionality. This plan isn’t the most exciting on paper, but it’s an economical design that could be spiced up with nice finish materials like paint, molding, flooring, and countertops.

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 1st Floor (147-1131)
 2nd Floor Plan (147-1131)
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