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10 Most Popular House Plans of 2018

10 Most Popular House Plans Collage

Start Your Dream Home Search with Our Countdown of Best-Loved Houses


Looking to build or remodel a house this year? Can’t wait to finally have your dream home?

When analyzing how people search for a new home design – whether they’re on the hunt for a house plan to build or they’re just looking for inspiration – we find that people tend to look for a particular style, square footage, and desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Starting out with those specific requirements, browsing through the results, and finding the plan of your dreams takes research and time. It can sometimes be overwhelming.

We’re here for you. We want to help you streamline the process and make your search easier.

With that in mind, we’d like to share our 10 most popular house plans of 2018 based on user interest (including social media and website interest) to give you a starting point on the road to choosing a house plan as your dream home. You might think it would be dominated by large, luxury homes -- but that’s not the case! The houses that our users fell in love with last year varied as much as our collection itself: from traditional Craftsman homes to sleek retro-modern designs and just about everything in between.

Take a closer look for yourself as we count down the top ten most popular house plans:


Top House Plans at The Plan Collection


#10. Modern Plan - 3-Bedroom, 2459 Sq Ft

White Modern style house plan #116-1015 with 3 bedrooms

Starting off as the 10th-most-popular house plan of 2018 is this 3-bedroom Modern style plan. Clean, uncluttered, minimal; modern designs are posh right now. Modern style homes often have stainless-steel features and vastness to them, but the modern design doesn’t have to be cold. Spacious living with large windows and lots of light are what many potential home builders and buyers are looking for today, and many modern home designs deliver.

This modern house plan has floor-to-ceiling folding glass doors that open up to the patio and pool. And the foyer has a double-height ceiling for a dramatic effect. With nearly 2,500 square feet of indoor living space and the addition of plenty of outdoor living areas, this house feels resort-like.

Modern homes are known for their sleek luxury; sophisticated designs embody the modern aesthetic. Modern style homes can feel “now” or futuristic. Industrial elements can be adapted to the design. Rich warmth and texture can be part of the design scheme in the styling process.


#9. Small House with Master on Main - 2-Bedroom, 1176 Sq Ft

Tan and gray small house plan #132-1697 with shake siding and 2 bedrooms

Small homes are often classified as having somewhere between 400 and 1000 square feet. To be recognized as a tiny house, the home may be 500 square feet or less. Some tiny houses are as small as 8 feet x 10 feet, or 80 square feet. While extremely small “tiny houses” are not as common for family life, small houses are still in.

Small homes are still very popular among a variety of people. Young couples, single people, and retirees are just a few examples of people seeking a low maintenance, cost-effective lifestyle.  Smaller homes often allow the individual to focus more on life experiences and creating financial freedom.

This small house is just over 1100 square feet and feels spacious with a Great Room, vaulted ceilings, and large windows to let in an abundance of natural light. The wraparound porch and master bedroom on the first floor are part of this popular design.


#8. Farmhouse Plan with 3 Car Garage - 4-Bedroom, 2173 Sq Ft

Farmhouse style home plan #153-1940 with 4 bedrooms and 3-car garage

Farmhouse style homes are similar to the country home but may have more of a contemporary flair, especially Transitional farmhouses. Wrought iron railings, galvanized steel, and vertical wood siding might be included in the modern farmhouse design. Repurposed materials are fun style ideas when creating the farmhouse feel.

Color palettes in shades of white, grey, black, and taupe are popular to create a clean look in your farmhouse. Exposed beams, shiplap walls, wood floors, and fireplaces can provide the design elements you’re looking for in your new home. This popular four-edroom home has a wraparound porch and plenty of storage space.


#7. Country Plan with Breakfast Nook - 3-Bedroom, 1640 Sq Ft

3-Bedroom, 1640 Sq Ft Country Plan #141-1243 with Nook/Breakfast Area

Don’t want a huge house? This cozy and charming home has a quaintness that many potential home builders want and has many desirable amenities.

  • Its covered porch in the rear of the house is great for outdoor living.
  • Its gas log fireplace gives the home warmth and light to make memories by for years to come.
  • The master bedroom has a nice sized walk-in closet.
  • The master bathroom features his and her sinks.
  • The breakfast nook is perfect for bacon and eggs or just coffee and reading the paper.

With this home plan, country living just got a little easier.


#6. Luxury Plan with Vaulted Ceilings - 6-Bedroom, 5164 Sq Ft

6-Bedroom, 5164 Sq Ft Luxury Plan #161-1003 with Vaulted Ceilings

Looking for something a little more spacious for your growing family? This luxury house with six bedrooms is perfect for all of your needs. Features such as a private library and home theater make this home luxurious. The well-thought-out layout makes entertaining guests and hosting family events a pleasure instead of a hassle. The screened-in porch with vaulted ceilings, three-car garage, and recreation room in the basement are on the long list of design elements included in this plan package.


#5. Country Plan with Master on Main - 3-Bedroom, 2004 Sq Ft

3-Bedroom, 2004 Sq Ft Country Plan #142-1158 with Main Floor Master

Another popular home design is the country home. Think the American dream, imagine rocking chairs on the front porch, windows with shutters, dormers, and gables. These homes are made for those who love the country but also love modern amenities.

With three bedrooms, this design thoughtfully placed the master bedroom on the first floor. Master bedrooms on the main level are what many buyers want in their dream house. The master bathroom with separate tub and shower and dual vanities are additional features of this home.


#4. Ranch Plan with Eat-In Kitchen - 3-Bedroom, 2091 Sq Ft

3-Bedroom, 2091 Sq Ft Ranch Plan #117-1092 with Eat-In Kitchen

Ranch style homes can incorporate a variety of styles and materials. You can build one with a craftsman style, a modern style, or a Spanish-inspired stucco ranch version; the possibilities are endless. These houses can be brick or have a siding of your choice. Overall, a ranch style house can be designed and styled any way you like.

This particular design features an eat-in kitchen as well as a formal dining room. A foyer at the entry of the house and a BBQ porch in the back make this ranch style home great for hosting guests. The beautiful design and endless amount of features make it obvious why it’s one of our top home plans available.


#3. Ranch Home - 3-Bedroom, 2499 Sq Ft

3-Bedroom, 2499 Sq Ft Country Ranch Plan #106-1274 with Photos

Although ranch-style houses were first built in the United States as early as the 1920s, they were extremely popular in the 1950s. By the 1970s, ranch style homes had flooded the market and people were seeking new and alternative house designs. Now back in trend, people are seeking the convenience and relaxed style of ranch home living.

Usually known for its single-story structure, ranch houses can be long rectangles, L-shaped, and even U-shaped. The main portion of this house plan is rectangular in shape, making the design more cost efficient to build. With everything you need on the ground level, ranch style houses can be the perfect choice for families, aging populations, and individuals with special needs. This style often includes open floor plans that most people still seek today. An attached garage, patios, and outdoor living areas are included in this ranch home to create comfort and ease, both inside and out.


#2. Craftsman with Mud Room - 2 Bedroom, 2605 Sq Ft

2-Bedroom, 2605 Sq Ft Craftsman Plan #194-1010 with Mud Room

This home features architectural details such as exposed beams, custom cabinetry, and low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, which are part of the hallmark look of a Craftsman home. The addition of a mudroom that connects to the porch, laundry room, and the main living space creates a user-friendly area for busy families, pet owners, gardeners, and so on. If you love quality that reflects true artistry, this or any Craftsman style house may be what you're looking for.


#1. Craftsman with Vaulted Ceilings - 3 Bedroom, 2597 Sq Ft

3-Bedroom, 2597 Sq Ft Craftsman Plan #142-1168 with High, Vaulted Ceilings

The most popular plan of 2018 is our Craftsman home with vaulted ceilings. The era of Craftsman houses originated in the United States in the early 1900s, and they were meant to emphasize the craftsmanship and artistry that should go into creating a home. These homes are known for their covered porches, dormers, and multi-pane windows often wrapped in extra wide trim. Grand fireplaces with natural stone, built-in bookshelves, and reading nooks are other characteristics typical of a Craftsman home.

This house features high vaulted ceilings for an open, airy design. And true to style, built-in cabinetry and seating are all throughout this house, including window seats in both the powder room and walk-in closet. The focus of a Craftsman home is not in ornate details but simplicity. Straight lines and a sense of minimalism is infused in the Craftsman aesthetic.


Growing Popularity of Traditional Style Homes

Although not part of the top 10 list, traditional houses are also trending right now. Classic in style, often white or brick, traditional houses feel a bit more formal than the other trending house designs. A traditional home can have simple roof lines with symmetrically spaced windows. Sometimes associated with colonial and Georgian style homes, traditional houses may have columns and formal entryways. Hardwood floors and generous-size rooms with a more grand feeling are common in this style.

Traditional houses are built with the kitchen and living room on the first floor and the bedrooms upstairs. Today, many home builders are adding the master suite on the first floor for more streamline living. A home office can be designed into either the first or second floor if desired. A traditional home can be warm and inviting for you and your family.


Browse Other Popular Home Designs & Find One That’s Right for You

Open floor plans and master suites on the main floor are still very popular this year and make sense for many homeowners. Natural light is an important feature in any home, thus making large windows and well-placed windows a design element home buyers want. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, such as those featured in the Modern Home Plan above, are on 2019’s hot list for a chic look, bringing in more natural light and opening indoor spaces to outdoor living areas.

Eco-friendly building materials and design features like water conservation, solar panels, and glazed windows to maximize a home’s efficiency are also what’s happening now. Homeowners want to be practical and comfortable. Technology is infused into today’s homes with security, lighting, charging stations, home theaters, sound systems, and refrigerators that can tell you if you’re out of orange juice. Multi-tasking “smart mirrors” are yet another enhanced technology feature that's in the now.

The style of your future home can be very specific or a blend of multiple aesthetics. Special features such as the addition of technology or eco-friendly enhancements are options to consider. You may already know the approximate number of bedrooms you need and the ideal number of bathrooms you want, but looking at house plans can help you further identify your needs and wants – and what’s available to best accommodate your lifestyle.


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