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Published March 14, 2007

The Housing Industry is amazing.  I can’t believe all the new designs, the unique ideas, and all the design styles.  There are so many!  As a student of Interior Design and Architecture, and as an employee of one of the top ranked house plan websites in the world, I see all kinds of houses and buildings of every flavor.  One observation I’ve made is that building trends, especially in housing, seem to be regional.  There are several factors that determine what’s going to be hot in your area, and why it’s not always hot 1,000 miles away.


Factor 1:  The Classics.  Classic designs and architecture are found everywhere.  They influence every design.  A great example of classic architecture and design is Roman Architecture.  Romanesque columns are still a sign of high society and establishment today.  This plan exhibits a truly classical style. 

Classically styled House Plans

Factor 2:  The Climate.  A limited palate of building materials is a limited list of options for design.  We must build to certain codes and regulations that are created around the weather.  There are people working on creating new building materials and on fortifying existing materials to withstand every climate.  Below is a design altered by climate. 

House Plans made for a certain climate

Factor 3:  The History.  Your neighborhood history will have a large effect on local homes.  For example, farmhouses are still largely popular in the Midwest.  Why?  It’s a farming district and always has been.  The House Plans below are a very attractive example of farmhouse style architecture. 

Farmhouse House Plans that fit in with neighborhood history


Perhaps the greatest offering we make at The Plan Collection, is the opportunity to choose what style is right for you.  You are building the home, and it should be exactly how you want it, no matter what’s going up around the corner.  Take some time to consider these factors when deciding what’s hot for you.


P.S.  We’re curious.  What’s being built in your neighborhood?  We’d love to hear about it.

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