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How to Find the Right Kitchen Appliances for Your Lifestyle and Home

Published December 23, 2014



Selecting a new house plan and purchasing the lot, then starting to build is a very exciting time for most people, no matter what stage of life you are now in.  But by the time your new home is built, the last thing you probably have thought about seriously is which appliances are appropriate for your current lifestyle, and making sure you are looking to the future by at least five years. The truth is, when you are planning your new home design is the time when you should be deciding on which appliances you will need once it is built.



Questions arise such as: 


Do you have children now or are you planning to have a family, and when? 


Are your empty nesters?


Do you live with elderly family members?


If you can answer these questions when you are planning to build your new home, it will help when you select the floor plan for your kitchen and later purchase the larger appliances. Kitchen appliances are designed for convenience and to help you to maintain your new home and lifestyle much easier. The trick is to know what is out there, and which appliances are right for your home. These tips from The Plan Collection (www.theplancollection.com) will go a long way to helping you find the right appliances for your family’s lifestyle during the plan selection phase of your new home.



At The Plan Collection you will find house plans with great kitchens that accomodate both small or large families -- families with stay at home moms or dads, or for working families. This is an example of one of the larger family modern kitchen home plans (#146-2810) with an eat-in kitchen at The Plan Collection, offering a great place to feature the latest kitchen appliances, including a stainless steal hood above the range that contrasts nicely against the elegant white cabinetry, one of the latest trends. 



Refrigerators: There are several styles that have been developed by the manufacturers over the last decade including the side-by-side freezer/refrigerator, a top-mounted refrigerator, or a bottom-mounted refrigerator. Believe it or not, side-by-side refrigerators are more energy efficient, yet the bottom-mounted refrigerator is the least expensive. People usually find the top-mounted designs easier to use, because adults prefer not to stoop over to reach items, and we all use the freezer less. But life stages really matters in this instance.  A larger cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator may not be necessary for just a couple, whereas a big family with kids and or elders would most likely find a smaller cubit foot top mount insufficient. Once you decide on your refrigerator, be sure to discuss the space in your floor plan where it will fit with your builder. Also it is best to keep refrigerators separate from the oven or range if possible.


Ovens and ranges: Make sure know if you will be using gas or electricity, and if gas, then make sure you decide where the oven or range will go in the kitchen and let the contractor know so they can build the outlets appropriately in the kitchen area of tyour home plan. Keep in mind, electric ranges are easier to clean than gas ranges, plus they offer safety features like automatic shut-off burners. If however you are a serious cook, just you probably prefer gas ranges, like most chefs, since gas provides more accurate temperatures for cooking.


Range hoods: This could end up being a really important kitchen appliance purchase. Ranges remove odors from your kitchen, but depending on the style you choose it can change the look of your kitchen area, so choose wisely. With all the various styles of range hoods, be sure you choose one that best fits with your overall home decor. One model is very popular: the stainless steel hood. They have a modern clean look, are durable and also easy to clean.  Be sure you have measured carefully before you actually purchase your range hood.


Dishwashers:  The same thing that applies to a refrigerator applies to the dishwasher.  If there are just two of you, then you can buy a dishwasher with smaller load capacity than if it will be sued in a family of six.  Also make sure it is a model that is quieter than others when running, especially if it is placed in an open style kitchen. The last thing people want is a loud machine when they are watching their favorite television program.


The laundry/washing machines and dryers: A terrific convenience, a washer and dryer in your home can be a lifesaver.  There are a number of life-stage considerations when buying a washing machine and dryer. The most important thing is choosing the capacity. Ask these questions: how often do you do a laundry?  Are they big loads? Purchasing a washer and dryer that’s too small means you will be doing laundry more often.  On the other hand, of you choose a set of appliances that is too big for how much you use it, then you will be wasting energy and dollars. A front-loading washing machine will use less water and therefore, less energy, which saves you money in the long run. Remember that energy-efficient dryers all have a sensor that turns the machine off once your clothes are dry. And again, make sure you know if your dryer will be electric or powered by gas. Finally, the size of units that you choose must be discussed with your contractor to build out the laundry area in your new house plan. He can add handy cabinets and folding areas to make your room completely efficient.


Spending a bit more time up front researching what works best for your lifestyle and home will help you to find appliances you love - and will last.




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