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Man Cave 101: How to Design a Man’s Comfort Zone

Men, women, and kids are different, and oftentimes they each require a comfortable, separate space in their home in which to chill. Most guys dream of a dedicated space in their dream home where they can be alone — hanging out, napping, tinkering, watching sports, or even rocking out playing drums or games.

The man cave has been steadily gaining popularity in home building recently. Today some man caves even feature amenities such as a separate shower, media display, gym equipment, and a full bar. Keep in mind, having one’s own personalized space is actually often psychologically good for everyone!

While many women enjoy the kitchen as their alone zone – and more recently find themselves relaxing, reading, doing yoga in "She Sheds" – men tend to like going into their man caves to think about life, enjoy some sports, or, simply to spend time fixing things or enjoying a hobby. So if you are in the process of choosing a new house plan to build a home soon, here are some ideas for making sure your family has the best man cave possible.

Structurally, a man cave can be in a

• basement room

• media room

• expanded garage

• woodshop

• billiards hall

• or any designated room in the home. 

Whether the man of the house is a fisherman, a gym rat, skier, book worm or a hunter, or whether he loves airplanes, boats, computers or cars ... or collects sports memorabilia, guitars, or coins, the best place to start with the design of a man cave is with his interest and hobbies. Make sure you get a theme going, and everything else will fall into place. 

Most men of yesteryear found comfort in classic but stereotypical space with dark wood paneling with accents of rich leather, polished chrome, and dark, masculine colors. However, today’s man cave style can be as unique as the man in it. 

Dark gray walls and flooring, with rich hunter-green cabinets, brass or copper fixtures, and splashes of bright colors on furniture, drapes, and throw rugs, can be every bit as appealing to today’s modern man. Some people might prefer a space that is more modern and full of light, where the entire family can also enjoy spending time just hanging out, play games, read, watch movies, and entertain – although a darker atmosphere often lends itself to the TV watching and relaxing.



A flat-screen television is a must. And because boys will be boys, there’s a chance they may still want to have access to game consoles in case the kids enter his cave – so make sure to find some nice chests or boxes that hide away Wii or Xbox controllers.

Pendants and counter stools create a standout space that’s both classic and contemporary. The Moroccan wool rug adds a bit of softness and an additional accent color.

This 7,404 sq. ft. luxury home (top, Plan #161-1007) was featured in The Wall Street Journal. The basement (bottom) is perfect as a "step-up" man cave – or for family parties and hosting guests, with a large bar in the center of the floor plan along with a media area, billiards, as well as a home theater.


Whether you enjoy drinking or not, there is a chance your guests will, so a well-stocked mini bar that houses a mini refrigerator will come in handy. Also, many men collect fine wine – so why not pair his man cave near the wine cellar with easy access? If this is the case, make sure the wine cellar space is built with the right temperature controls. Here's another blog post on building a wine bar or cellar.

Your granite-top bar might feature chrome counter stools to give the space an edge, or an animal print or Moroccan wool rug might fit in nicely. Custom-built bookcases and cabinets can come in handy for trophies, photo albums, books, and other collectibles such as comic book collections that he might want to share when bonding with his buddies.

When it comes to textiles, you can always add a few elements for comforts, like throw pillows for Sunday afternoon naps and nice area rugs. The overall goal here is to create a cozy, attractive space for watching TV, playing games, relaxing, and simply enjoying your new home.



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