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As Featured in The Wall Street Journal: A Luxury Home for a Prairie Near You

The Wall Street Journal Talks with The Plan Collection on Growing Popularity of Online Luxury Home Plans


Guess what so many of our savvy clients already know is about to become common knowledge! In thanks to today’s in-depth look by the Wall Street Journal on ThePlanCollection.com and luxury house plans online, many more future homeowners will know they can begin and complete their search for luxury building plans featuring the latest house design trends – and customize those plans – over the Internet.


What is Today’s Luxury Plan Buyer Looking for in a House Plan?

More “House” on a Single Level. Especially for more rural sites, larger building lots allow for designs that spread the house out more. The result is a larger main level with master bedroom suite and the main bedrooms on the first floor.


Luxury House Plan 161-1017

Luxury house plan #161-1017 inspired by the great lodges of the American West. Featured in the Wall Street Journal.


Open Floor Plans. As quoted from the Wall Street Journal, “The rooms are less defined, with the family room, kitchen and dining space blending into a large open hub. Designers are also incorporating more ‘flex rooms,’ positioned so that they might be a dining room or office, a guest room or a home gym.”



High-End Amenities throughout Design.  More homeowners now desire more intricate plans with amenities such as his-and-hers walk-in closets, chef-quality kitchens and outdoor BBQ porches. They're looking to make sure everything is high-end.


But can I customize that House Plan I found Online? Yes!

Work with Our Design Team. You can submit your ideas for changes through our website or call our team to have them better understand your needs. A more refined punch list of the modifications and estimation quote can then be developed for you.

Work Directly with the Architect or House Designer. Depending on your preferences, we can get you in touch with the original architect or house designer of your plan and you can work directly with them to customize your plan to meet your dreams.


Other Big Advantages to Going Online for Luxury House Plans from The Plan Collection?

In World of Luxury, Time is Money – Our House Plans Save You Time. Rather than start from scratch, a luxury home plan from ThePlanCollection.com allows you to save significant time in the research, designing, and planning stages.

Our House Plans Also Save You Money. Prices can come in well under the cost to hire an architect to craft plans from scratch, which could cost more than $200 per hour, or 10% to 20% of the building cost. Depending on the square footage and design you select, a set of blueprints purchased online as-is can cost less than $500. Floor plans that allow for modification and customization can cost $3,000 or more. Less expensive options include sets of 5+ blueprints, while pricier packages might include a reproducible master or a disk with PDF or computer-aided-design (CAD) files, which are easier to modify than print plans.

Luxury Tudor style home with stone and stucco facade

The price of a complete set of pre-designed plans – in PDF format – for this beautiful 4774-sq.-ft. luxury home in the Tudor style is $3,050, much less than what you would pay for an architect to create a set from scratch (Plan #161-1082)


Access to Great House Design – Anywhere. "If you live in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, it's pretty easy to get access to top-end designers and architects who have a long track record of building high-end homes," says Chief Executive Officer Brian Toolan. "But we see a lot of high-square-footage sales in places we've never heard of until we got the order, where you're not going to find a Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman." -- As quoted in the Wall Street Journal.  

The entire collection of luxury house plans from the Plan Collection is now available online featuring the most recent house design trends and ideas.


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