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Two-Bedroom Home Design: Great Style Mixed with Affordability and Efficiency

Style and Flexibility: Home Designs with Two Bedrooms


A popular option with potential homeowners because of their affordability and relatively small footprint, two-bedroom plans can be the ideal space for a lot of demographics. These plans – particularly one-story structures – are attractive to empty nesters, the younger population looking for a first home, and others who may be interested in a two-bedroom vacation home. 

Two-bedroom homes come in a variety of interesting architectural styles. The average size ranges from 800 square feet to 1,500 square feet. However, you can also find sprawling 2,500-square-foot two-bedroom plans. They can come in quaint Country styles, Cottages, Farmhouse, Transitional and Modern styles – and everything in between.   

In this article, we take a close look at two-bedroom house plans and the features that make them appealing and attractive.


Features/Design Options


Who says you can’t have it all with a two-bedroom home?

The obvious smaller footprint does not take away from creative and high-end designs and styles for two-bedroom homes. The kitchen or kitchen island may not be as huge as those in four-bedroom plans. However, these elements are still present in two-bedroom homes and can be as polished and sophisticated as those in bigger homes.    

In addition to the open floor layout, large windows, and high ceilings, features of two-bedroom homes include eat-in kitchens, kitchen islands, front or rear porches and decks, one, two, or even three bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, mudrooms, basements, attached garages, and even swimming pools.


Open Floor Design 

Having an open floor plan is still a very popular choice among homeowners, no matter the size of the home. Although the size of the Great Room, kitchen, dining, and living areas will be smaller, they can be as upscale and stylish as their larger counterparts – with the selection of features, fixtures, and décor accents.


Image of a 2 bedroom modern farmhouse -white with a black metal roof

The open floor plan of this stunning two-bedroom modern farmhouse is perfect for family gatherings, entertaining friends, or just relaxing. This 1,448 square-foot home offers a kitchen with a center island and a walk-in pantry, a 1-car garage with a workshop and storage area, a mudroom, and an optional bonus room above the garage. Plan #142-1265


Kitchen Islands/Eat-In Kitchens

Even in the smaller two-bedroom home, a sizable kitchen island and eat-in kitchen are sought-after features. The setup allows additional prep, serving, and dining space, as well as an informal area for casual meals and small talk among family members and friends. The island also creates a "homework station" where parents can supervise children's school assignments and projects. Another important function of the island is the additional storage it provides for cookware, recipe books, and other kitchen basics. 


Image of kitchen and dining area - green cabinets and light wood

The open floor plan of this modern two-bedroom ranch home plan provides plenty of space for the large kitchen with a center island, a walk-in pantry, and a dining area. A living room, mudroom, and a covered porch round out this 1,408-square-foot home. The unfinished basement could provide additional living space or another bedroom when you're ready to complete it. Plan #126-2008



Another popular feature is a mudroom which serves as a drop-off zone for school gear, jackets and coats, umbrellas, shoes, sandals, snow and beach gear, and other paraphernalia. While the mudroom is a drop-off area, be careful not to turn it into a messy and disorganized “dump” space. You can have open shelves, drawers, and plastic containers for wet and muddy items – and keep the room presentable.


Mudroom with shelving, hooks, drawers, a bench and barn door

This lovely mudroom has everything you need to stay organized, from hooks to baskets and drawers, while providing seating, and is perfectly located next to the laundry room. This gorgeous 2,861-square-foot, two-bedroom ranch plan with craftsman influences offers 2.5 baths, an open floor plan with a huge great room, a kitchen with a center island, a walk-in pantry, a formal dining area, and a 3-car garage. If finished, the basement would offer a third bedroom and an additional 1,176 square feet. Plan #161-1127


Laundry Room

Along with the mudroom, a laundry room is also a “must-have” in two-bedroom plans. Most of the laundry rooms in two-bedroom homes are situated in areas that are easily accessed from both bedrooms. In some smaller homes, the laundry room may be more of a closet with a stackable washer/dryer. 


Image of a 2-bedroom cottage with front and rear porch

Top: Don’t be fooled by this 800-square-foot two-bedroom home. With an open floor layout, the home has good-sized bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, a living room, and easy access to the laundry room (located outside the bathroom) from both bedrooms (see below). Relax on the rocking chair front porch or the screened-in porch. Plan #141-1184

Floor plan of 2-bedroom cottage with open floor layout, front and rear porches


Front and Rear Porches or Decks

It’s not only huge luxury residences that feature covered front and rear porches and decks. As indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly merge in today’s designs, almost all house plans include porches and decks to extend the living room outdoors. Outdoor living spaces can be simple or elaborate – depending on the space and the family’s lifestyle. The space usually includes a comfortable sitting area, a fireplace, a dining table, and grills – and in luxury two-bedroom homes, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Whatever the family’s lifestyle, the outdoor living space is designed to be inviting, relaxing, comfortable, and appealing.    


Image of 2-bedroom farmhouse with wrap-around porch and dormers. White siding with black metal roof

This 2-bedroom farmhouse-style home has plenty of room to entertain with a spacious front porch, a covered rear porch with a separate grilling area, and a great room with vaulted ceilings. A kitchen with a large breakfast bar and dining area, 2.5 baths, and space for an optional third bedroom complete this 1,517-square-foot home. Plan #193-1269


A Garage

Having a garage gives the family an option to expand and add square footage above the structure. While the garage is typically used to house cars, tools, and equipment, it can also be used to provide extra space for an additional bedroom, home office, or game room.

Image of 2-bedroom country style ranch with 2-car garage

This two-bedroom, 2 bath country ranch plan would make a great vacation or starter home. The 1,650 square feet provide more than enough room to live comfortably. This home also offers a large open floor plan with a great room with a fireplace, a kitchen with a center island, a covered front and rear porch, as well as a screened-in porch. We can't forget the 2-car garage and the unfinished basement, which provides extra storage and the potential for more livable square footage. Plan #196-1072


Advantages of Two-Bedroom Homes


A smaller home costs less – which means a budget-friendly proposition and a smaller mortgage for young professionals or couples who are looking for a starter home. At the same time, the two-bedroom home offers design layouts and features that you find in bigger plans.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Think how much faster you can vacuum, mop floors, dust, and complete all cleaning chores in a two-bedroom home compared to all the spaces in bigger residences. The amount of time saved in cleaning and maintaining the home can be spent on other activities, pursuing hobbies, or just plain relaxing.


Their smaller footprint allows two-bedroom homes to use less heat and air and conserve water better than bigger house plans – which means less expensive utility bills. Add some solar panels to your roof, and you'll really save on your utilities!

Smaller Space Encourages Family Time

With a smaller footprint, there are not as many places for your teens to hide from family gatherings. With fewer distractions, family and friends can interact more closely, creating lifelong memories and relationships.

Just the Essentials

Less square footage means that you really need to choose your furnishings and designs with a purpose, which will help reduce clutter and crowding in the living room and other shared areas.


Image of 2-bedroom ranch plan with craftsman details, front porch and 2-car garage

This stylish two-bedroom small house plan offers plenty of space for your family. The open floor plan consists of a large kitchen with a breakfast bar and pantry, a spacious living room, a mudroom, two baths, a 2-car garage, and 928 square feet of living space. Plan #177-1057. 


Disadvantages of Two-Bedroom Homes

Lack of privacy

The flip side of fostering close family ties in a smaller house is not having enough room to get away from the craziness and enjoy some alone time. If you have a larger two-bedroom home, this is not an issue since you will have the space you need to take a break from all that family time.

Overnight Guests May Pose an Issue

If the homeowner is an empty nester, this may not be an issue since an overnight guest could use the second bedroom. However, if the second bedroom is for the kids, there could be a problem when trying to figure out accommodations for your overnight guests. Some solutions would be a pull-out sofa or an air mattress that you can set up in the living room.

Lack of Storage Space 

Depending on the size of your two-bedroom home, you may not have a ton of storage space, and no matter how hard we try to de-clutter spaces and not collect “stuff,” we still face the need for storage in our homes. After all, how much can you “throw” in the garage?  

Hosting Large Parties

Even if you have an amazing outdoor space, it may not be enough to host a large gathering at your home. You may need to stick to and be content with a small number of friends and family.

Lack of Space for a Home Office

In a two-bedroom home, you must be creative in using your available space. So, if you are looking to add a home office to your plans, you may need to get innovative. For example, you can use a second-floor landing (if you have a two-story home) or install a desk and computer in the kitchen hallway or in some under-utilized corner of the Great Room.


Whether you live in a two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or even bigger home, there are benefits and drawbacks. However, if the styles and options provided by the two-bedroom home fit your lifestyle, enjoy your home and be happy in it! If you have questions about our house plans, check out our FAQs or contact us - our customer service team is always happy to help.

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