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Top 10 Features of a Spooky and Creepy House - And How to Fix Them

The Plan Collection's Top 10 House Design Elements of a Scary and Halloween-Ready Home

-- And How to Fix Them the Day After


If you live in a neighborhood that celebrates Halloween, then you will appreciate the fact that having a haunted-looking house might be just the look you want once a year, but what about the other 364 days of the year?


The Plan Collection lists the following top 10 elements of a house plan design that can make any home the scariest of them all, plus advice on how to fix it.


Be aware of eerie architectural style. The home in The Addams Family had a rather "unique" house plan. Certain architectural styles including Victorian and the Second Empire style with its mansard roofs have a long history in horror films.


Don’t end up with a lifeless color scheme. When used as the primary exterior color, dark paint colors can make almost any home look dreary, uninviting. Lighter paint colors that complement the design of your house are often the better choice for the exterior of your home. Reserve your use of darker color to areas that emphasize special features such as the trim or windows.


Get rid of that ghostly lighting. Nobody wants to knock on the door of a house without exterior lighting, but there is some lighting that causes heavy shadows on the sidewalks or worse, at the entry points. Redirect the lighting by using low watt bulbs, and consider light fixtures that emphasize your home's best exterior features.


Avoid zombie landscaping. Neglected trees and shrubs need constant tending or else they end up surrounding your house and detracting from the design. They are also a risk to your home during storms, so give everything a good trim.


What’s up with the suspended maintenance? Rigorous home maintenance is essential and spring and fall are the best time of year to start checking fix-it projects off your list. Fix that step before you have to fix the entire stairway!


Are you looking at scary windows? Windows covered with heavy drapery are dreary. For small windows, use brighter window treatments to lighten the mood.


Knock, knock, knocking on a creepy front door. Don’t have second thoughts before knocking on a front door. The size and color of the entry door play a big role in making first impressions. If the front door feels uninviting, think about using a brighter, friendlier color.


Getting a chill from a bone chilling floor plan? Those narrow hallways make for a cramped, uninviting floor plan so consider an open concept floor plan if you’re buying or building a house. When renovating, be sure to consult a professional before removing the walls;


Undo the mysterious staircases. Narrow staircases with walls on both sides can be creepy. You can try lowering a wall to open the staircase up to the room or hallway below.


Ditch the horrifying home décor. Because dark, oversized furniture and heavy rugs can make your home feel less inviting, make sure you get rid of the clutter around the house. Get rid of some of it.


But, if your home is simply too scary, and if you decide you would rather just build a new house, go to https://www.theplancollection.com, and then enjoy a Happy Halloween!



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