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Raise the Roof with House Plans from The Plan Collection

Its already late July: BBQs are in full swing, a few of us have already gotten sunburned (or tanned) by the pool or beach, and perhaps some of us have even gone on a family roadtrip. Before you know it though, we will all be thinking about getting the kids ready for "back to school" -- and around here, the ads have already started! But while you are still at by the pool, on your porch or just staying inside enjoying the air conditioning, here is something you might want to check out during the month of July: house plans from ThePlanCollection.com. Whether just to dream and get ideas or if you are considering building a home in the future, we have just updated and expanded our collections of house plans this summer in anticipation of the fall.


Summer Incentive

We also know that during this time of year, it sometimes takes a bit more incentive to to start thinking about raising that roof! So as an extra incentive, we are offering 10% off all house plans now through 7/31/13. With over 20,000 house plans waiting to be built, The Plan Collection is ready to help you get started. Starting now -- especially if you are thinking of building in the fall or next spring -- will give you time to get the proper local building permits lined up. It will also give you some extra time if you find the home you love but would like to make some modifications to the plan itself. If that is the case, we offer house plan modification services that can help make the process go that much more smoothly.


Or Summer (House) Dreamin

If youre not quite ready, in addition to over 20,000 home plans we have over 100,000 images of home exteriors and interiors in a wide variety of architectural styles and home decor tastes. Weve seen both country and ranch home plans making a big comeback in recent months -- and architects and house designers of these homes are embracing modern amenities in ways we havent seen before. We also offer a number of tools to help you better understand the reading floor plans as well as the overall building process


Plan 141-1075 - Front Exterior View      Plan # 141-1153 with Optional Basement


And Two Additional Great Collections of Ideas for More Dreaming

There are about as many tastes and styles as there are individuals! So, we often encourage our visitors to also look at other collections of ideas to get further inspiration. This is expecially true when it comes to interior design, home decor, fixtures and furniture. Two great places to start include Pinterest.com and Houzz.com. If you come across any other great collections of ideas for house and home, we encourage you to let us know!



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