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Come Into My House: Stylish Entrances That Make a Statement

Come Into My House: Stylish Entrances That Make a Statement


One of the hottest trends in the housing industry, the front door or entryway has been likened to a book cover.  It’s the first thing people see when they walk up the pathway or the courtyard. Whether it’s classically simple, modern, or ornate, the front entryway creates an impression on guests and curious onlookers.

Traditionally in the spotlight during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, the front door has been emerging as a hot trend for several years. Much like everything else in home design, it has gone through a fashion evolution. Gone are the days of the ordinary and functional front door.   


Today’s Front Entryway  

Today’s front entryway continues to fascinate homeowners, builders, and architects. Most homeowners are intrigued by all the design possibilities for their front entrances. 

1.  The “new” front door comes in unusual shapes and sizes. It’s not just a rectangle or a squat square. It can be rounded and arched, with decorative trim and embellishment; and can be surrounded by stone or wood columns.

Arched front door surrounded with brick on a French style home

Walk up tp this 1.5-story French style country home, and youre met by an elaborate arched entryway framed by a brick-and-stone facade (Plan 153-1990).


2.  Front doors can be constructed of steel, wood, stone or a combination of these materials with decorative glass panes.     

large front door made of hardwood with curved front porch

The door to this five-bedroom country home is heavy wood with glass panes. A light sconce hangs from the rustic beams of the covered archway (Plan 161-1054).


3.  They are wider and taller – to match the high ceilings of the home’s interior and to allow plenty of natural light to filter through the rooms.

A double door entrance adds to the sense of grandeur around this home.

The lovely covered entry of this four-bedroom European style house plan opens into an amazing spiral staircase. The door’s beautiful wood finish is complemented by the brick and wrought-iron details (Plan 106-1165).


4.  Front entryways come in all styles to match the home’s architectural design.


An impressive European style chateau with an equally impressive entrance.

 An inviting porch and entry door make this house feel so welcoming.

Step into the luxurious interior of this (top). Narrow columns of stone and brick support the covered entrance. (Plan 106-1156). Two sets of matching flower pots frame the covered entrance of this two-story Craftsman style home (bottom). The wood door with glass panes under the arched entryway opens to the foyer and Great Room (Plan 153-1781).


5.  Modern and contemporary homes are mixing darker and bolder tones with some bright hues for their front doors.

A colorful craftsman home with accents to the entry way.

A red front door is the focus of this five-gabled, two-story four-bedroom Craftsman house plan (Plan 146-2797).


Just remember when you’re remodeling the front entryway – it’s an invitation to your home.  Give it a warm and welcoming feel as well as a style all its own!


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