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Art Deco Architecture in House Design

Modern Home Plans
Click on the Image to view this floor plan. The "Modern" architectural style became popular in the 1920's and 30's and is similar and often referred to as "Art-Deco". The rural housing market never really embraced this styling, as did commercial development. This plan style generally consists of very simplistic and modern geometrical designs. Usually walls are smooth texture stucco, or stone and roof systems are a very shallow pitch or flat. Modernized designs avoid multiple design elements that other styles use. For example a Victorian style home may have fish scale in the gables, lap siding, as well as brick or stone enhanced with decorative accents in the gables, on railing etc. Modern and Art Deco ornamentation is generally subtle parallel lines, zigzags and other simplistic motifs not used in excess. Other common features are glass blocks, streamlined metal railings, smooth finishes, and concrete foundations. Though curved walls are sometimes found within this type of design, Art Deco homes are generally quite boxy and simple. Like their commercial counterparts, modern homes also have boxed shapes of varying sizes and distances to give the structure depth.

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