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How to Make Modifications to a House Plan

Fact: A majority of homeowners made changes to the plan while building their new home. The Plan Collection (www.theplancollection.com) can help you determine the best way to modify your house plan when you have really minor modifications. Redlining is the cheapest and easiest method to modify house plans. 


Redlining is not suitable for major changes, but it will work for the majority of minor changes. Examples of minor modifications using redlining include:


• Removing a chimney or fireplace

• Resizing or moving a door or a window

• Changing exterior finishes or interior fixtures

House Plans• Moving interior partitions that do not affect structural supports

• Switching out cabinet layouts or interior fixtures



Here is a nice ledgestone and stucco, 1,784 sq. ft. three bedroom starter ranch house plan (#150-1000) that features a covered porch. Interior features include a split master bedroom, study and great room with a cozy fireplace. The house plans that accompany this home (right) could easily be modified.



For more information on modifications to a house plan, click here for details.


July 31, 2014

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home plan modifications

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