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Happy New Year get 10% Discount

 We at The Plan Collection are looking forward to 2013.

The economy is heating up.  More and more people are feeling comfortable enough to think about building their new dream home.  Credit is starting to loosen up.

Our site offers you many features to help you decide which design is best for you to build.  Please take the time to browse our site.  Here are a few tips to help you:
  • Please use our advanced search to help you focus on the design that best suites your needs.
  • Please read our page on modifications.  It will save you a telephone call and answer all your questions.  https://www.theplancollection.com/modifications
  • Please use our modifcation request form to get a free estimate.  Each plan detail page has a "modify this plan" tab.  This will allow you to put your thoughts in writing.  We will then submit your request to our designers to quickly get you a free quote.
  • Please use our "ask a question"  feature.  if there are specific technical questions or a need to see other views of a design, this is the best approach.

In closing, we look forward to serving you.

Happy New Year!

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