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Luxurious Mountain Craftsman House Plans

This breathtaking home was featured in The Wall Street Journal. We certainly can understand why. It is a spacious Craftsman-style lodge home with its design aesthetic rooted in the past.


Near the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, society was changing forever. Everyone was interested in machinery, and automobiles were all the rage. The world was caught up in the Industrial Revolution, and Home Design was also in the midst of change.


Victorian Homes, with all their pomp and pageantry, had been the height of style, but views were changing. While much of society was caught up in everything modern, there were some people that still remembered and cherished the workmanship of yesteryear. Names like William Morris and Gustav Stickley were strong advocates for the return to Craftsmanship. They designed homes simply, so that good craftsmanship was apparent. Unlike Victorian homes, people didn't have to look past any ornamentation or "fluff" to see the fine craftsmanship of these new homes. Rough materials were left unadorned to give these new Craftsman homes a natural feel.


Even today, there are people that still admire fine workmanship and home design. That is where this Craftsman lodge-style home comes in. It was designed to exhibit the craftsmanship of those who built it. A simple, yet elegant and stylish exterior is coupled with a luxuriously comfortable floorplan to give you the home of your dreams.

See The Craftsman House Plan Avalon      


Finely crafted stone pillars, numerous decks and porches, and a rustic mountain style may make you want to spend a little more time outdoors. The inside, however, is even more luxurious. The Avalon offers plenty of wide-open spaces. Take, for instance, the Great Room; it is a whopping 19 4" x 23 3", but it seems even larger because of its two-story ceiling overlooked by a bridge. You also have the Master Bedroom, which is almost as big as the Great Room. It comes complete with a fireplace, walk-in closet, private deck, and a relaxing Master Bath in the Home Floor Plans.

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This beautiful home is a true Craftsman Home Plan that has so much to offer. You really need to Check It Out. Of course, the budget for this home may come with a bit of sticker shock. Looking for something similar? We encourage you to look at our Mountain West house plans and rustic home designs as well.



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