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Ultimate Luxury: French Chateaux, Manors & More

It's fun having so many unique house plans on our website. We're adding hundreds of new house plans every month so it's interesting to see the many new designs getting posted. I'm amazed at how many luxury house plans we have started to get on our website here and how many people build these massive homes. Anyone that can afford to build homes like these should be commended for one of two reasons:

1) They must have been successful enough to be able to afford such a lavish home. So congrats to them for working hard and being successful.
2) If they don't fit into this first category of being successful, they have a tremendous amount of guts to build such a large home that they can't afford. So congrats to them for their courage.

My personal opinion is that a smaller well built and well-equipped home is better. It's more efficient, won't cost as much to own, maintain, heat and cool. Another benefit is that the property taxes will be lower on a smaller home. On the other hand, it's fun to see a well-built mansion from time to time. I have a brother that builds such homes and the craftsmanship is amazing when people can afford someone that knows how to do it right.

Here are a couple of luxury plans that get a lot of attention:

Chateau with 7 bedrooms

Luxury French manor style house plan #134-1326


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