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Sleek Architectural Design and Sophisticated Technology Define the 2015 New American Home

The 2015 NAHB New American Home: Comfortable and Contemporary


It’s the showcase piece of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show in Las Vegas—the home of the future and everyman’s dream home. Described as “desert contemporary style,” the 2015 New American Home has an open floor plan, courtyard, rooftop deck, glass doors and windows that enhance the indoor-outdoor feel, and home automation technology. 


Clean Lines, Balance, and Comfort

From its amazing courtyard and outdoor water features to its very contemporary interiors and intricate fixtures, the 2015 New American Home is a real “showstopper.” The home is a statement for the continuing trend of clean and sleek lines, balance, modern accents and touches, natural materials, energy-efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology—elements that can be put into any new home across the country.   

View of living are pool 116-1081    

Much like the 2015 New American Home, this very modern Florida-style plan has two stories with four bedrooms and glass doors and windows that seamlessly connect the indoors and outdoors. Here are two views of the interior courtyard with the pool and hot tub, which can be seen from any vantage point inside the home: the upstairs bedrooms and the Great Room on the first level. (Plan 116-1081) 


1. Open Floor Plans

A trend that is here to stay is the open floor plan—a layout that allows tremendous flexibility and creativity in the use of home space. Sliding doors, book shelves, or movable walls can transform nooks and corners to suit a family’s needs, style, and activities. Combining the kitchen, dining, and living areas into one Great Room is ideal for social interaction and keeping an eye on the family.      

Open floor plan - kitchen and living area

The kitchen, hearth room, and living room in a two-story, three-bedroom contemporary home flow smoothly into each other (Plan 153-1808). 


2.  Indoor-Outdoor Relationship

Connecting the indoors to the outdoors is another popular trend in contemporary home design. With the 2015 New American Home, the indoor-outdoor feel is enhanced by glass windows and glass pocket doors that surround it. Open the doors and step out to the courtyard that features a pool and fireplace sitting area. An outdoor kitchen/grill is located on the roof deck.

Similar to the 2015 New American Home, homeowners can add terraces, screened porches, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens/BBQ areas, fire pits, and grilling porches to create that indoor-outdoor relationship in the home.

Remember that your windows and doors dictate how the indoor space can open up to the outdoors and other views around your home. Many new, modern house plans have been designed to maximize the use of outdoor space.

Luxurious outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

Enjoy the sunset and relax with family and friends in the outdoor BBQ area of this modern two-story, four-bedroom home (Plan 107-1015).


Outdoor kitchen

 How about taking the party outside? This delightful outdoor kitchen is perfect for the occasion! (Plan #106-1156). 


3. Master Suites with Modern Master Baths

Architects and designers are now building spacious master suites on the main floor of the house. One reason is for maximum privacy and quiet; another is the convenience and proximity to all the “social/living” like the kitchen and dining and living rooms. And as retirement years loom, families have to consider getting around the house without navigating stairs.   

A great feature of the master suites is an equally roomy master bathroom that may come with sitting areas, his-and-her bathroom layouts, plenty of closets, walk-in showers, soaking tubs, and even a home office.   

Master bedroom suite with luxurious bathroom.  Huge master bathroom with walk-in shower and spa-like tub.         

With its glass windows, this roomy master suite is bright and airy. It opens into the private home office on one side and on the other end, to the master bath with a glass-enclosed walk-in shower and soaking tub (Plan #153-1808).


4. Energy-Efficiency and “Green” Building

With more consumers attuned to energy conservation and environmental responsibility, the demand for energy-efficient homes has been on the rise for the past several years. The home building industry has responded by using “green” products on walls, windows, doors, roofs, ceilings, and basements.

From cell-foam insulation in the roof and walls to and solar panels to actively monitoring energy use in the home, the 2015 New American Home demonstrates how architects and builders are making sure that new homes have a “cleaner footprint.” 


Energy-efficient home

A passive solar-gain sunroom, an energy-efficient woodstove, and panoramic insulated windows make this design highly economical (Plan #146-1618).


5. Better Frameworks/Foundations                 

In today’s environment, homes are built to withstand natural disasters and other forces of nature. They have better frameworks and stronger foundations. For optimal durability, brick, stucco, and other natural materials are used for exteriors. And so, whether your home is located in desert country, on flatland, on the beachfront, or in mountain territory, work with your designer and architect on structural strength and durability.

Contemporary Luxury Home Plan - Florida Style

A two-story modern Florida-style home has a stucco exterior and a hip roof built using wood trusses and roofing tiles that can withstand severe weather conditions (Plan #107-1015).


This contemporary European house plan has a gorgeous exterior combination of brick and stone; wood trusses are used in the roof framing (Plan #153-1897).


6.  State-of-the-Art Home Automation Technology

In this age of “smart” gadgets, one of the most critical components is home automation technology. Today, most homeowners are not only interested in learning and understanding new developments in energy management but are also focused on home automation solutions.

As expected, the 2015 New American Home features state-of-the-art smart home technology. It is pre-wired for an integrated audio-visual sound system, lighting control, and an energy-management monitoring system that charts how much energy is being used. One can expect the latest such innovations to be on display at NAHBs International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Any mainstream home can also be equipped with an A-V system, remote “smart” phone controls, and wireless communications and data systems. A number of coastal-area homeowners are even integrating weather into their home automation solutions. Experts are also gearing for voice-powered lights, appliances, and outlets.

Welcome to the new Age of Technology! 

Modern home with open floor plan and plenty of automated technology.

A two-story modern home pre-wired for home automation technology (Plan #116-1081).


With the 2015 New American Home about to be unveiled soon, look for more trend-setting home designs throughout the year!


Footnote: The lead image is a rendering of a modern home with a courtyard and open floor plan (Plan #116-1067). To view more, click here. To learn more about the 2015 New American Home, click here.


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