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Luxurious Mountain Style

This luxurious home features great Rustic Mountain style! This house seems as though it was hewn from the mountainside with its rock base and wood finish. The exposed rough-cut beams unite it with the surrounding landscape.


The interior is also rustic, but with smooth finishes and warm views. The timber trusses carry the exterior theme inside. The high ceilings give a sense of grandeur. The kitchen’s stone finish is not only functional but is a beautiful compliment to the overall design. This home brings modern living and scenic landscapes together.

Gathering Room in daylight with view of the timber truss detail

Gathering room at night


This designer is located in Northern Utah along the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, part of the international Rocky Mountain stretch. Faced with so many scenic experiences to take advantage of, they’ve developed a knack for creating amazing architecture that compliments organic surroundings. Click Here to see their collection of house plans.


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