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Top Home Building Trends from the 2024 International Builders Show

From Solar Shingles to Smart Doors - Exciting New Products & Trends for Your Home! 


The 2024 International Builder’s Show just wrapped up, and it was huge! Sam Morgan of SW Morgan Fine Home Design said that it was the biggest show in fifteen years, with over 100,000 people in attendance, both vendors and attendees. We talked to Sam and several attendees to identify and discuss the building products and house design concepts at the 2024 IBS that are ahead of the curve and are likely to be the next “big thing.” 

So, what fantastic innovations and trends came out of the show? Here is what made the top of the list.


Solar Shingles


Harnessing the sun's power is a great idea for homeowners looking to save money and invest in clean technology. However, not everyone likes the clunky look of solar panels. This is where solar shingles come in. Made from a combination of regular shingles and photovoltaic technology, they are more aesthetically pleasing because they integrate into your roof with your other non-solar shingles.

Our top pick and winner of the Best Energy Efficient Product from the IBS Show is the Solstice Shingle by Certainteed.

Image of a gorgeous luxury villa 5 bedrooms, 5.2 baths, a 5-car garage,2 covered lanais, and over 8700 square feet of living space.

This gorgeous 5-bedroom luxury home would be an ideal candidate for solar shingles by utilizing that warm tropical sun. This home also offers 5.2 baths, a 3-car garage, a 2-car garage, 2 covered lanais, and over 8,700 square feet of living space. Plan #219-1005


Smart Doors


Last year, we reported on front doors that make a statement, but this year, one of the coolest ideas showcased for your home is the Smart Door by Masonite. A finalist in the Best Home Technology Product category at the 2024 IBS, this door is a game changer. 

The door is powered by your home’s own power supply with a battery backup in case you lose power. It offers a built-in Ring doorbell, welcome lights around the door for when you arrive home in the evening, a smart lock, and, of course, an app. The app allows you to control the door from your phone and offers a host of other cool features. The door comes in all styles, so you can find the one that best suits your home’s look.

Image of a charming cottage with a lovely front porch, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and over 1300 square feet of living space

This lovely two-bedroom rustic cottage would be perfect for the new smart doors. This charming home plan features a mud room, two kitchens, and over 1,300 square feet of living space. Plan #193-1304


Outdoor Kitchens Impressive Enough to Replace the Indoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are certainly not a new trend. However, the different products available to homeowners when building their outdoor kitchen have come a long way from just a grill and a small prep table. Take, for instance, The New American Home (the official show home of the International Builder’s Show) that was showcased this year at the IBS. 

Their kitchen featured a stunning Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen. These gorgeous kitchens offer modular stainless steel cabinetry in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. They are designed for diverse layouts and can accommodate any size grill and various outdoor kitchen appliances.  

So whether you are creating a backyard oasis or rooftop retreat, these durable and stylish cabinets are the perfect fit. 

Image of a spacious covered patio with outdoor kitchen, breakfast bar, and sitting area

The functional outdoor kitchen of this beautiful 4-bedroom contemporary plan would be a perfect candidate for the stainless steel cabinetry if the homeowner ever decides to change it up. This 3,254-square-foot home also features a split bedroom layout, 3.5 baths, a spacious kitchen with walk-in pantry, and a 2-car garage. Plan #204-1017


Sustainability Meets Technology


Water scarcity is one of the most important issues we face in today’s ever-changing world. The amazing designers at Genesis Systems are helping us with their WaterCube WC-100. A Best Home Technology Product Finalist at this year’s IBS, the WaterCube is a game changer.

This invention, which is about the size of an air conditioning unit, literally pulls water from the air to supply your home with all the fresh water it needs. This is great news for areas where wells and water sources have dried up. 


The Most Popular Styles


One of the bigger questions for home designers and builders is, “What’s Selling?” They need to know what styles homeowners and clients are looking for so they can create and build what sells. 

“The modern farmhouse is still the top seller,” according to Sam Morgan of SW Morgan Fine Home Design. “Everyone agreed that the next popular style after modern farmhouse was barndominium. Although many of us thought that the style has more searches than sales.”

Many barndominium home designs today are geared towards a barn-style and not necessarily an authentic barndominium, which would split the first floor between livestock and living quarters. 

Image of a modern farmhouse with beautiful front porch, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3-car garage, and over 2700 square feet of living space

This lovely modern farmhouse offers four bedrooms, three baths, a 3-car garage, and over 2,700 square feet of living space. Along with a welcoming front porch, this home plan offers a spacious open interior, a kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a mud room, and tons of outdoor space for entertaining. Plan #206-1035


Image of country-style ranch with welcoming front porch, three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1800 square feet of living space

This simple yet fabulous barn-style home offers three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1,800 square feet of living space. With an open floor plan, spacious kitchen with a walk-in pantry, and covered front and rear patios, this lovely barndo-style home has it all! Plan #141-1339


AI and Design


Like most industries today, the hot topic is AI and its impacts on the said industry. Well, home design and construction are no exception. One of the most popular education sessions at the show this year was about AI and how it can help builders, designers, and homeowners. 

What are some of the possibilities? AI can help a homeowner see their design with live products they’ve chosen and the ability to change it in real-time so the homeowner can see. A designer can use software to update images on the fly, and a builder can update measurements, create take-offs, and order supplies - streamlining the home building process from start to finish. 

From energy efficiency to smart technology, the 2024 IBS show offered ingenious ideas, bringing the home-building industry to new heights of creativity to help make your home-building process easier, more efficient, and more stylish. Talk to your architect or home designer to get ahead of the curve.

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