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House Plans with 3D Printing Options from The Plan Collection


One of our most common questions is, “How can I get a better visual of what my home will look like once it is built?” We now offer our first house plan with a 3D printing option.


Digital model of house plan 187-1001 with 3D printing filesToday, for practical use, home builders and future home owners can actually use 3D printing technology to print out a 3D house plan model from specially prepared files.


As you can see, a three dimensional image of House Plan #187-1001 (left) is a helpful start for home builders to get “virtual” 360-degree views of your house plan, with much more detail than static images and renderings. 3D printing technology uses software files to effectively convert your blueprints into an actual physical model of your home. This process allows home builders and owners to get a far better sense of the actual home to be built.



Our First in the Series of House Plans with 3D Printing:
Traditional Home with Covered Porch (#187-1001)


As the first in our series of house plans with 3D printing options, we selected this beautiful six bedroom home to highlight the openness of the floor plans as you walk through it. Many home owners have a tough time visualizing how floors stack on top of each other. In addition to the second floor, this home also includes a finished basement with two additional bedrooms and family area. The to-scale model allows users to quickly understand how these floors work together as a whole.


House Plan # 187-1001 with photos and statistics.



What is 3D printing? What is a 3D printer?


3D printing is the process of creating an object through sequential (additive) layering of materials.  By using computer models developed in CAD or similar software, a 3D printer takes a digital model and converts it into a solid or physical one.



Benefits of 3D Printing


The benefits of using a 3D printer to create a physical model or replica of your future home include:


    -- Visualize all angles and spacing – both exterior AND interior.


    -- Improve communication with and engage your contractors to get the results you want.


    -- Provide a detailed emulation of the design found on the blueprints in only a 2D format.


    -- Showcase the interior and exterior while giving an overview of the entire home before it is built.


    -- Test the orientation of your home on your property to optimize sunlight in the home.



How can I get my 3D printed model?


If you have a 3D printer at home, then that is a great way to start. MakerBot is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of consumer 3D printers. However, not many people have 3D printers at home yet. Fortunately, there are 3D printer services in many cities and states today. Given that this technology is in such early stages and this is the first in our series of house plans with a 3D printing option, we are offering the 3D printer version of the files at no charge when you purchase a CAD File construction package of plan #187-1001.



Can I build my actual house with a 3D printer?


In theory, this could be done – but we wouldn’t advise it! In fact, homes have recently been built or are under development using 3D printers in Amsterdam and Los Angeles already. These homes demonstrate the possibilities of the technology. However, they are also not very practical – while also being extremely expensive. Some would say they are also not very “homey”.


3D printing technology is still at its very early stages – think of the personal computer in the early 70s or mobile phones in the early 80s. It is not inconceivable that advances in 3D printing technology could revolutionize the way we build houses. Some potential benefits of 3D printed homes in the future could be:


    -- Fewer wasted materials in home construction.

    -- Less transport of materials and products.


    -- Homes are built to order.



3D printing could even lead to changes in our own preferences in a home design itself.


    -- Individual expression.

    -- Democratization of architectural design.



The Plan Collection is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to offer a better user experience with everything related to the house and home building. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.