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What to Look for in a Small Country House




There is just something special about Country Home Design.


It's hard to explain why, but Country House Plans innately offer a very comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. It might have something to do with the open floorplan, or it might be the covered porches, but whatever it is, country style homes are amazing.


This little pearl is TPC Plan #141-1184, and it proves once and for all that size doesn't matter when it comes to country homes.


Small Country Home Plans #141-1184


Like many Country House Plans, this home offers a covered front porch that just radiates comfort and relaxation. The open living room with its cozy fireplace seems to transport you back to a simpler day and time. The spacious kitchen has plenty of cupboard space, and it's all arranged strategically to provide you with the ultimate work area.


You'll really be hard-pressed to find a home that is more simply appealing than this one. Its simple rectangular footprint and single gable roof make it easy on the eyes and easy to build.


Because of recent economic trends, more and more people are choosing to build smaller, smarter homes. Small homes are less expensive to build, less expensive to maintain, and less expensive to heat and cool. That is why The Plan Collection is offering a wide variety of Small House Plans.


Plan #141-1184 is just one of many great Small House Plans available here at The Plan Collection. You should really check them out!

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