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Top Trends in House Design in 2023

Smaller Yet Cozier, Peaceful, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Inflation Shape the 2023 Trends in House Design


Home design will experience meaningful change in 2023. Some of these design trends will be driven by new and creative ideas, while others will be influenced by the practical reality imposed on budgets by higher interest rates and inflation. Many homeowners who purchased in the past couple of years will look to make changes and upgrades to their homes by embracing trends that provide a big impact on a smaller budget. Younger, prospective homeowners may be willing to compromise on size and amenities but still want enough budget left to make their house into their home. As such, the leading theme in house design trends in 2023 is smaller yet cozier, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing.

With 2022 winding down and visions of new homes and renovations at top of mind, we gathered data from architects, builders, realtors, contractors, and other experts in the housing industry for their predictions on design trends for 2023. From both home exterior and interior design trends to home decor, let's take a closer look at some of the innovations anticipated to make their way into the 2023 American home.


What's trending in 2023?


1. Making the Most of Tiny Spaces

No longer viewed as merely drab spaces to ignore or display forgotten framed pictures, alcoves, nooks, and corners will be reimagined in 2023. Designers will highlight the space by adding visual interest or creating a tiny spot for reading, writing, or working. These areas will still include art, but in such a way that enhances the experience. And for those without an art collection or looking to maximize their space, these redesigned tiny spaces can be the ideal alcove for dropping the mail and keeping your keys or as a little family on-the-go hub.

An otherwise plain and empty wall under the stairs of a four-bedroom Luxury Rustic-style home is transformed into a well-designed nook – complete with an attractive exposed brick accent wall, an art piece, and a distinctive lamp atop a vintage wood-stained cabinet. This could be a small drop zone for the family and decorative. Plan #161-1153


The idea of the getaway space in your home is still very appealing to most homeowners - an escape area within the home where you can read, kick up your heels, unwind, meditate, and relax. Not all of us can have the luxury of she-sheds or man caves. But we can find areas in our homes to help create a little piece of peace. Whether it’s a window seat, space under the stairs, or a hallway alcove, homeowners are getting very creative at carving out space in the home for some quiet time away from open floor plans.

This spacious “cupboard under the stairs” would make Harry Potter jealous! This wonderful little nook is currently being used as a kids' playroom in this stunning Texas-style Ranch but could certainly be transformed into a meditation room or a reading nook. Plan #161-1118


One benefit of the reimagined tiny space trend? It doesn’t require a big budget. Homeowners are trying to find ways to update their homes that won't break the bank during these uncertain times but will have a meaningful impact on their homes.


2. The Accent Wall Gets Creative

Hastily created by many working from home during the early days of the pandemic, the accent wall will branch out beyond the Zoom-ready bookshelf (with books you’ve never read) or the virtual background (seriously, we all know you’re not sitting on the beach with Snoop). In 2023, the accent wall gets a makeover and gets creative. For many of those working from home, it has become both a necessity and an opportunity to express your personality. And for those eagerly anticipating the next photo or video to post on social media, the accent wall ensures having a space in the home that is always TikTok or Instagram-ready.

The great thing about an accent wall is that you are not limited to just paint. You can use materials like stone, brick, tile, wood, and even wallpaper with its new designs and vivid colors that can make that wall pop out and make a bold and original personal statement. The idea of an accent wall will not be limited to a place for video meetings and for posting to social media. Instead, expect homeowners to add creative and well-designed accent walls elsewhere in the home to instantly give any room a makeover worthy of ‘sharing.’

This beautiful accent wall in the bedroom of this luxurious Contemporary-style home would make a great backdrop for a home office or as part of an Insta-worthy room for pictures. The neutral tone of the wall means you can change out the décor to fit any style you need. Plan #161-1180


3. Floating Sinks/Vanities — Small Bathrooms Get a Makeover

Some homeowners who were thinking about moving to a larger home are now reconsidering and looking for ways to create more space or more of an open feeling in their homes. One of the first places they will start will be in the kitchen and bath, and the big trend in 2023 will be floating sinks and vanities. Unlike the traditional vanity, floating sinks/vanities do not rest on the floor. They are wall-mounted and provide easier access for cleaning.

Floating sinks come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so your options are endless.  Additionally, they can really open up a room and give the illusion that the room is larger than it is, which is perfect for half baths or smaller full baths. 

A powder room in a four-bedroom French Country home features a floating sink and another one of our 2023 trends – herringbone pattern. The wall-mounted sink allows ease of movement around the space. Plan #142-1169

The floating sink in the modern bath of this gorgeous Contemporary home with Modern influences has tons of storage and still provides ease of access for cleaning. Plan #161-1181


4. Wood, Wood, and More Wood

Homeowners and designers are in love with the beauty of natural wood, and it is obvious in the latest designs from architects and house designers. Whether homeowners are using it for interiors or exteriors, wood can be designed to fit any style or budget.

The exterior wood trim, wood garage doors, and framed entryway combined with the stone really give this Craftsman-style home a warm, welcoming feel. Plan #161-1153


From gorgeous architectural details on a home’s facade or stunning interior accents such as wood beams or accent walls, the boundaries of the use of wood have no limits.

The gorgeous beam in the open floor plan of this four-bedroom Ranch home really adds a touch of elegance, especially combined with the brick and wood floor.  Plan #142-1446

The stunning great room in this two-three bedroom Luxury Ranch home uses wood to highlight the vaulted ceilings and created artwork by adding the wood beams. Plan #161-1160


5. Goodbye Modern Farmhouse, Hello Modern Bungalow

In 2023, the modern farmhouse takes a back seat to the modern bungalow, as this home gets increased attention from millennials and other younger home buyers. While bungalows are small — one-story structures typically under 1,500 square feet — they are very popular because of their curb appeal and affordability. However, unlike the very traditional bungalows of years past, the modern bungalow sets itself apart with higher ceilings, a more contemporary open floor plan, larger bathrooms, and a 21st-century exterior.

Due to their smaller size and simple, one-story design, modern bungalows are typically less expensive to build than other homes. With rising interest rates, supply chain issues, and increasing prices across virtually every market sector, first-time buyers and empty nesters will opt for smaller, more efficient homes.

This Modern Bungalow is just the right size, with three bedrooms and 1 bath. The open floor plan gives this home a spacious feeling. Plan #126-2023

Looking for something just a bit bigger? This lovely Modern Bungalow with Prairie influences comes in at just over 1500 sq ft, three bedrooms, and a 2-car garage. Again, with its almost perfect rectangular shape and low-pitched hip roof, this home is an affordable option. Plan #211-1044


6. Herringbone Pattern

You know how we look forward to a new trend in flooring. This trend, however, is a pattern that can be used on the floor, on the wall, or even on a door! Homeowners can use any material they want, so it is super friendly in the individual style department.

From tile to wood, this 2023 trend plays off the patterned hardwood floors of 2022 and brings it to many other areas of the home. We’re seeing this in bathrooms, kitchens, and doorways.

The herringbone backsplash adds a lovely focal point to this stunning kitchen. This Transitional-style home with modern influences also has two-four bedrooms, a mudroom, and a three-car garage. Plan #161-1181

The homeowner also used the pattern on their barn door leading into the den. The wood accents add to the beauty of the entryway in this fabulous Ranch home. Plan #161-1181


7. Butler’s Pantry (aka Prep Pantry) — A Must-Have in Kitchen Design

In case you’re not sure what this is, a butler’s pantry is a separate “room” that is typically located off of the kitchen or dining area so when homeowners are entertaining, they can keep the unsightly kitchen items such as dirty pots and pans away from the guests’ view. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, apparently, we are not the only ones who think so because these fabulous rooms are making a comeback. With so much entertaining going on in the kitchen today, designers are adding these gems to new homes so the kitchen remains presentable during a party held by even the most serious at-home chef.

The butler’s pantry does not need to be huge and does not need to include all of the amenities of a kitchen. It could just be extra counter space and storage with a small sink. Some homeowners add dishwashers and large double sinks — the possibilities are endless. Now, if it just came with a butler.

The well-equipped butler’s pantry in this four-bedroom Luxury home has a sink, dishwasher, small fridge, and an extra coffee pot! All of the extra storage can be used for table linens, fine china, and extra glasses – whatever you need. Plan #161-1188

If you really want to up your game, you can do what the homeowners of this beautiful Rustic-style home with Craftsman influences did and add a Summer kitchen next to your regular kitchen. Located between the gorgeous outside area and the main home, this is a wonderful place to entertain or host barbeques without messing up the main kitchen. Plan #198-1094 


8. Colorful Spaces

Color is back in many ways in 2023 with a nod to the great outdoors. Last year we spoke about biophilic design. The color trends for 2023 piggyback off the idea of bringing the outdoors in. With lovely shades of green, blue, and lilac, you can’t help but think of a lush meadow of flowers under the canopy of a stunning blue sky.

Homeowners will embrace these colors and use them as accents throughout the home — whether it’s a pillow or on furnishings. With so many homeowners using neutral colors throughout their homes, these splashes of color will be a refreshing addition. We hope this trend continues for a while!

The third bedroom in this Luxury-style home has its own sink as part of a shared bath. As you can see, this homeowner has hit the trifecta of our 2023 trends – the beautiful blue pillows, the herringbone floor, and a floating sink. Plan #161-1188


9. Are You Sure that’s the Mudroom?

Mudrooms have been popular for quite some time, but with each passing year, these rooms are getting bigger and more dignified. What started out as a practical place to take off your dirty boots, hang a coat, or take off those muddy sports uniforms has now transformed into a space that looks way too nice to do any of that!

The mudroom is now part of the living space instead of a drop zone, so their design and decor will now match the rest of the house and be just as attractive. From chandeliers to wall art, homeowners will spend more on the mudroom design while also making it larger. 

The mudroom in this fabulous Farmhouse design is used as the laundry room as well. Instead of just drywall throughout, they have added a tiled herringbone accent wall and blue lower cabinets for style. This mudroom even has an additional alcove for storage. Plan #106-1331


10. The Aesthetic Look

Back in 2021, we concluded the “aesthetic look” would end up being a nichey, short-lived fad. It looks like we were wrong. In 2023, we expect the aesthetic look/room to continue to grow and remain around for a while — so worth adding it to our house design trend list.

What is the aesthetic look trend? Ask anyone under the age of thirty, and you will quickly get an answer, although perhaps not a coherent one! For starters, the aesthetic room can be any room in the house — although often the bedroom, rec room, or bonus room — where you can make a personal statement. Initially popular with TikTok users, the aesthetic look could be defined as an attractive room style inspired and decorated with truly personal touches that are also ‘on-trend.’ This means the room must not only be visually appealing but it must also reveal your unique personality and feature trendy ideas.

To help achieve the aesthetic look, homeowners use plants (hanging or potted), vibrant or muted colors on the walls, cozy quilts and cushions, photo collages, string lights, LED lights, floral wallpaper prints, and even disco balls. One plus about the aesthetic look? These ‘on-trend’ decor statements are usually quite budget-friendly. Of course, for some, the sky is the limit.

An Aesthetic Room that is super cozy! Look at all the warm tones and windows to let in the sun and provide a gorgeous green view - no need for any additional plants in here with Mother Nature as your background. This four-bedroom Contemporary-style home also has an open floor plan, a mudroom, and a covered porch for entertaining. Plan #126-2024


So get ready for 2023 with these exciting design trends that will perk up the home. Check out our newest house plans available that include some of these features.

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