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Home Design and Decor Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Watch for Interesting Colors, Textures, Patterns, and More in 2018


As we close in on the last several weeks of 2017, we can’t help but wonder what the new year will bring. And that’s also true for the hottest trends in home décor. What will be the popular paint colors? How will kitchen finishes change next year? What hot item will you see in all the home design stores?

We’re here to lay out our favorite trends coming to you in 2018. Maybe you’re ready to get ahead of the design game, and your neighbors?



1. It’s All about Wood Treatments and Finishes

With technology and sleek, modern looks taking over our lives, it’s no wonder people want to get back to their traditional roots. And that will be especially true for 2018’s focus on wood finishes.

Whether it’s a solid wood table, wooden plates or bowls, a rustic lamp, a distressed side table, or wood-toned exterior accents like columns, corbels, and brackets in popular Craftsman houses especially – 2018 design homes will be all about those natural wood accents. And it’s very much in line with people’s desires to connect more with nature in this busy, technology-focused world of ours!

Wood accents in House Plan #142-1168

Large wooden table and accents

Wood has never been more popular as homeowners continue to go "back to basics," evidenced by the many natural wood accents – like these columns and gable/roof treatments at top in a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath Country home plan – you'll see in suburban and rural neighborhoods (House Plan #142-1168). Inside the home, you'll see things like massive tables (bottom), rather than delicate furniture, and other wood accents as in this dining area of a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath Craftsman style home (House Plan #153-1781).



2. Iridescent Accents Will Be All the Rage

While some homeowners will be looking to connect with nature through earthy accessories, others will be embracing the future with the modern look of iridescent accents.

This trend is a bit more expensive than some of its alternatives, so you may want to start with an iridescent pillow or a shiny tiled backsplash. This mermaid-or peacock-worthy look is so up and coming that it’s likely to only gain more traction with homeowners in the future.

Everything from throw pillows to curtains are being inspired by iridescent accents like those found in the peacock and mermaid.

Shine and color are easy – and inexpensive – to achieve in any decor by using accents as simple as throw pillows.
(Photo credit: Amber Flowers on Unsplash)



3. Have You Tried Clandestine Chic?

While “authenticity” may have been one of the buzz words of 2017, in 2018 people will be immersing themselves in it. And that includes bringing other cultures home to their own pad.

Lanterns and cutouts reminiscent of Moroccan or Mexican culture will be all the rage and play well in Southwest and Mediterranean style homes. And delicate hammocks or rattan day beds that will remind homeowners of their exotic vacations will also be the latest looks hitting home stores.

Moroccan and Turkish themed light fixtures

Mexican/Southwest themed baskets for the home.

Cultural "authenticity" – exemplified by Moroccan-theme accents like the lanterns at top and Southwest/Mexican-style decor at bottom – will play a large part in home decor in 2018.
(Photo credits: Top - Ridwan Meah on Unsplash; Bottom - Ingrid Hall on Unsplash)



4. When Urban Meets Suburban

Have you ever dreamed of living in a loft in Brooklyn or an old warehouse in San Francisco? That dream is becoming a reality with another one of 2018’s hottest home trends – the urban look.

Home designers and builders will be adding brick, or faux brick, accent walls or rooms, exposed ductwork, and maybe even polished concrete flooring to complement the concrete kitchen countertops so popular in the last 10 years or so. This is a trend we can get on board with, especailly in a Modern style home, and all channel our inner urban hipster.

Kitchen with concrete floor in House Plan #106-1313

The sleek, modern look of this kitchen in a 3-bedroom, 2-bath Transitional Country style home is enhanced by the polished-concrete floor, a trend that is looking strong for coming year (House Plan #106-1313).



5. It’s Time We All Go Green!

We don’t mean recycled furniture – we’re talking about going greenery! Plants may hardly seem like a design trend, but you’ll see them everywhere come 2018. And the good thing about this trend is that it’s inexpensive and easy!

You can change the look of your living room in a day with a new shelf full of greenery! Just make sure you research how to keep your new leafy friends alive, as this is a design trend that may physically die before it dies out. And if you don’t trust your Mother Earth instincts, stick to artificial to enjoy this trend worry-free.



6. The New Year Is Shaping Up with Geometric Patterns

We knew we would eventually see the day when geometric design patterns would make a comeback, and 2018 is the year! These patterned designs can be seen everywhere from wallpaper to furniture.

For a fresh new look, you could incorporate geometric designs into your home’s decor with a wallpapered accent wall, a few throw pillows, or a new rug. If you’re happy to commit to this hot trend, try a geometric tiled floor or kitchen backsplash. And this is a 2018 home trend any generation can appreciate for its modern yet vintage feel.

Geometric patterns in home decor - note pattern in the living room rug

Don't be afraid of bold geometric patterns, as long as you pay attention to complementary shapes and colors. The neutral theme of this living room makes pairing furniture and accents easier. And sticking with rectilinear shapes allows all of the pieces to fit together nicely.
(Photo credit: kelsey roenau on Unsplash)



7. Typography Is the Word for 2018

As a generation that is glued to their phones and computers comes of age, it’s no surprise that one of the hottest trends for 2018 will be the use of typography in our home design elements. Maybe it’s framed antique book pages, the word EAT hanging on the wall of your kitchen, or dishes containing passages from the world’s literary geniuses, 2018 is all about typography.

The interesting thing about this trend is that it’s not just a design element, it’s a personal touch that allows homeowners to express themselves through their favorite works of literary art.



8. Bright Colors, Tonal Reds and Eye-Popping Teal

Long gone are the days of neutrals, and we’re happy to welcome some color back into our lives in 2018. Energizing, bright colors – especially tonal reds – will be hitting all your favorite home décor stores in 2018. Add some tangerine pillows or a coral accent wall to liven up your living room.

Teal will be another popular color making a comeback in the new year. And we think these vibrant shades will tie in nicely with the geometric trend hitting shelves in 2018. Add a coral couch with a geometric rug – or some sharp teal pillows next to some black and white checkered ones. These colors and designs will ensure that your home will be anything but boring this year.

Bold colors - especially tonal red - in this interior design

Bright reds and blues go together so well in this tiny guest house. The decor can be an inspiration to you as you decorate your new house – don't be afraid to pair complementary colors, and lead with tonal reads to make a statement. Note the use of type-style accents here, mentioned in #7 above.
(Photo credit: freestocks.org on Unsplash)



9. Your Inner Child Embracing Glass Bubbles

Glass bubbles? Yes, you read correctly – in addition to other sea-worthy trends. Apparently, we all just want to be mermaids and the home décor trends of 2018 just confirm that. In addition to the bright teal tones found on the world’s most scenic beaches, homeowners will be embracing sea-like themes in 2018.

And we’re not talking about starfish accents and nautical touches. The introduction of fish-scale-shaped tiles will be one of the more unique underwater inspirations to hit your bathroom in 2018, along with glass bubble-shaped light fixtures. This new home trend is a far cry from coastal cottage themed décor. It’s subtle yet whimsical and will give your neighbors all the home envy.

Sleek, modern bubble-like light fixtures

The clear glass pendant light fixtures in this modern kitchen are like bubbles hovering over the space, and play into the trend for light, bright, whimsical – and subtle – underwater themes.
(Photo credit: Federica Giusti on Unsplash)



10. Millennial Pink Is Here to Stay

If you haven’t heard about the growing trend of the millennial pink hue, then you’re missing out. This soft, rose-like pink is an Instagrammer’s dream and has been taking the social media airwaves by storm throughout 2017.

You won’t just see this trend in home décor, either: hot restaurants across cities like New York and Chicago are decking their spaces out in this popular color. While it was considered one of the new trends of 2017, we continue to see the popularity of this color grow. And we think it’s here to stay for 2018.

Soft rose Millennial pink in a bedroom

Here's a perfect example of the appeal of so-called "Millenial pink" – actually a soft rose-like shade of pink. It goes well in a bedroom because of the soothing nature of the hue.
(Photo credit: Konrad Hulak on Unsplash)


Keeping up with the hottest trends for the new year can seem daunting and expensive, but you can enjoy these new ideas and themes with simple and inexpensive additions like throw pillows, a new rug, or a splash of paint on one wall. There’s no need to go ripping up your carpet or adding new tile to your bathroom if you aren’t ready to make a big commitment on a new trend.

But with the new year comes new beginnings, and we think that means giving your old home a fresh look, or working with The Plan Collection to find the blueprints for your perfect 2018 dream home.

And by building a new home you can easily add that brick accent wall or mermaid-inspired bathroom to be the most 2018 home on your new block – with the most important thing always being the great bones and functional floor plan of your new home.



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