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Craftsman and Log Homes

I recently made a trip to Park City, Utah. What an amazing town! Most of you will know the name from the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Park City is where they had all the skiing and snowboarding events. You’ll find some of the best world-class ski resorts there. I expected the beautiful scenery and fun activities that make a resort town. I was surprised at the amazing architecture.

Being up there, in that amazing atmosphere, made me appreciate the union between nature and architecture. The buildings seem to grow with the trees, as living organisms. How appropriate. I felt it was quite symbolic of the activity and energy that flows from our own lives, especially in a community that is so integrated with the surrounding wildlife. This organic design was inspiring and made for a peaceful weekend getaway.

In honor of that experience, I began a search for designs that feature rustic characteristics, similar to those I found in Park City. There are two styles that specialize in organic design and are found all over our favorite mountain cities. They are Log Homes, and Craftsman Homes.

   first floor plan  Rendering of Cabin Home with 3 Bedrooms  second floor plan  

Log Homes like this one (pictured above) fit beautifully in wooded areas. The warmth of the surrounding wood radiates security and comfort in an otherwise untamed world. With a home like this, the magic of being part of nature becomes real.

   first floor plan  Photo of Craftsman Home  second floor plan  

For those of you who want a blend of civilization and nature, Craftsman Homes, like the above picture, are the ones for you. These homes are designed to combine modern living with our natural surroundings. This style is also very organic and, when well crafted, finds a harmonic bliss with nature.

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