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Breakthroughs in VR Technology Make It Affordable and Accessible for House Plans

Imagine Walking Through Your Future Home – Before Its Built – Right Now!


Perhaps you first saw it in a sci-fi movie like The Matrix – and were blown away by the concept. While much of it may be far-fetched, the idea of plugging into a virtual environment and having a rich and almost lifelike experience is getting closer thanks to advances in virtual reality headsets and software.

Unfortunately, the most technologically advanced commercial VR systems can cost thousands of dollars, and even the highest end on the retail market now, such as Oculus Rift, can cost upwards of $1,000. Researchers at MIT Media Lab have even created VR films engaging many of the body’s sensory stimuli – impressive but expensive!

However, “really good” VR experiences can now be experienced by most consumers thanks to breakthroughs in technology. Entry-level VR headsets can be purchased for as little as $20 – allowing users to get their first experience in virtual reality.


New Series of VR House Plans

Today, for practical use, consumers and home builders can now experience VR videos for house plans thanks to The Plan Collection.

This new series of virtual reality (VR) videos for house plans can be viewed by consumers using relatively inexpensive VR headsets. Applying this technology to house plans, prospective home builders and owners are now able to virtually walk through the interior of a home rather than rely only on blueprints.

The first in the series of TPC’s house plan VR videos has been posted on its YouTube channel under the VR play lists. Two play lists have been created to optimize the user experience according to headset type: one set of videos is side-by-side, while the other set is top-and-bottom. Links to the virtual reality house plans can also be found on The Plan Collection’s website on the house plan’s individual page. 

Country home with VR video available on YouTube from The Plan Collection

VR headset - VR glasses for viewing 3D - VR videos of house plans on our YouTube channel.

A rendering of our first home with a VR walk-through video is shown here (top), which is a 4-bedroom, country-style home (Plan #141-1240). The home can be viewed with a relatively inexpensive VR headset / VR glasses (bottom).

Benefits of Virtual Reality Technology Today

  • Visualize and walk through the interior of a home from room to room before buying plans.
  • Get a 3D walk-through experience without breaking the bank - decent VR headsets start at $20 this holiday season.
  • Use the VR headset for plenty of other virtual experiences besides house plan walk-throughs on TPC - from gaming to adventure tours available from many outlets; VR is now ideal for all ages.


Future of VR for Home Design and Construction

Over time, VR has the potential to radically change how the home design and building community creates and innovates – as well as how it interacts with clients. VR even has the potential to make home design an interactive process, with clients being able to implement virtual modifications in “real time.” With that, only the imagination – and perhaps your budget – would be the limit!


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