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6 Design Ideas to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Space with Color

Think Like an Interior Decorator to Dress Up Your “Outdoor Rooms”

When you build your dream house plan, remember to think “outside the box” – that is, pay attention to your outdoor living areas. Whether you plan to incorporate a front or wrap-around porch, a rear covered deck, a grilling porch, a lanai, a patio – perhaps leading to a swimming pool – or a mixture of some or all of these features in your home plan, you’ll need to make them comfortable and inviting to guests.

And you’ll want to make the space stand out. That’s where the interior decorating touch comes in. Many decor schemes for outdoor space floor plans tend toward natural and/or neutral colors – deep greens, browns, beiges, and grays – with the idea that the space will blend in with the outdoors. But these days the idea is that lively – think colorful – is better and more conducive to entertaining friends and family. Decorating in this way also makes the area seem more like an extension of indoor space, making it more of an “outdoor room.”

So with these thoughts in mind, let’s explore some ways to introduce a pop of color to your outdoor decor to set it apart from the run of the mill deck-chair-and-patio-set rear porch.



1. Garden Color

One way of achieving color accents in an outdoor space – whether it’s the backyard area around a pool or an inviting courtyard entry to your home – is using Mother Nature. Flowering shrubs, perennials, annuals, and colored foliage can be put to use to bring natural – but vibrant – color to the scene. And if you use your imagination, you can coordinate your own decor ideas with those of your garden.

 large patio and swimming pool for a 5-bedroom, 5-bath, 3-half-bath French chateau

This large patio and swimming pool – the “playground” for a 5-bedroom, 5-bath, 3-half-bath French chateau style home plan – uses a semi-circular planting of pink flowering shrubs to enliven the scene (House Plan #190-1014).

This porch and deck are made a bit more lively with the orange sofa and added greenery through the planters.

This lovely porch and patio are is brought to life by adding some color, including the orange sofa and the yellow cushions. Plus, the planters and their greenery brings more color to the space. (Plan #168-1088)



2. Furniture

When you think of outdoor furniture, you may think of white or brown wicker, wooden furniture, or plastic chairs and loungers arranged on a wrap-around porch or rear covered deck or patio. Usually no chance of upping the color stakes there. But the cushions and pillows that come with the furniture do offer a chance to add splashes and swaths of color.

Red Adirondack chairs circled around an outdoor fireplace.

This relaxing outdoor fireplace space is brought to life by bright red armchairs and the bronze star above the fireplace. (Plan #168-1011)

Bright read chairs liven up this 3-bedroom home's front porch.

Bright red chairs welcome guests on this front covered porch of a 3-bedroom, 2-bath Traditional home plan (House Plan #153-1906).



3. Paint

There is perhaps no easier way to make a color impression that lasts through seasons – indeed years – than a little paint. Painting railings, wooden furniture, a pergola, even a deck can bring a spark of bright color. Using unusual colors or painting out-of-the-ordinary items like pergolas can introduce interest and conversation as well.

The blue painted stain on this deck contrasted with the natural wood of the deck rail makes the outdoor space pop.

A blue paint brushed on this deck as a stain creates some real outdoor interest. The deliberately unpainted deck railing creates an attractive contrast.
(Photo credit: Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash)



4. Greenery

Another way to use the best that nature has to offer is to incorporate lush greenery in your decor if possible. Vines growing on trellises and/or fences; green leafy shrubbery and perennials; bright, well maintained grass; and trees with healthy canopies of large leaves can envelope you in nature’s wonder. Complement nature with a few decorative accents, and you have a colorful, welcoming retreat for you and your guests.

The natural greenery of the backyard coupled with the patio planters full of flowers creates a delightful outdoor space.

This patio area is replete with nature’s green. The green pillow and gold curtains complement the natural decor. (Plan #153-1781)



5. Pillows, Cushions, and Accents

There’s no more inexpensive, quick way to punch up the look of your outdoor space than with pillows, cushions, and other fabric accents like throw blankets – and you can change up the decor at the drop of a hat. Just make sure you have watertight storage handy to stow the goodies when bad weather occurs.

Cushions on this sofa make the area around the fire pit more exciting.

This arrangement of pillow perks up the backyard and complements the lush surrounding landscape - while also making the fire pit that much more inviting! (Plan #161-1072)




6. If You Don’t Have a Porch, Deck, or Patio

If you’re just starting out – having built your own first home from house plans – and want a deck, patio, or porch eventually but just haven’t managed to be able to include or add one yet, no worries! You can claim a portion of the backyard as your outdoor space and make do until you’re able to create your dream outdoor room. Spend a weekend or two building a pergola or other shade structure and digging out, grading, and finishing off the ground under it, and you have an instant outdoor room, ready for decor and pops of color to express your personality!

Don't have a deck or patio - create your own outdoor space like this romantic picnic area at night

This cozy and romantic picnic area was created using a part of the backyard anad livened up with a "tent", throw rugs and pillows.
(Photo credit: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash)



Whatever your situation – established homeowner, move-up candiate with an eye on a dream home plan, first-time homeowner – tap into your inner interior decorator and perk up your outdoor living space this summer. Your visitors will be glad you did!



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