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12 Not-to-Miss Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Kick-Start Your “Project Bathroom” with These Great Ideas


During the first weeks of “shelter-in-place” directives, I started binge-watching HGTV shows. One of them, which has become a favorite, is “Bargain Mansions.” In a number of episodes, host Tamara Day turned bathrooms into amazing design exhibits with her creative use of funky tiles, wallpaper, and mirrors.

From Tamara’s work with eye-catching and dramatic touches in her bathroom makeovers to the “in” textures, patterns, finishes, and fixtures, there are plenty of new trends this year to spark your innovative skills.

Let’s walk through 12 bathroom trends to keep on your radar screen in 2020 – and beyond.


1. Welcome to the New Neutral

While white bathrooms will never go out of style, there is a trend toward black and darker tones for a more show-stopping effect. With black as the hot “neutral” color in 2020, you’ll find more bathrooms with black walls, tiles, and other decor accents.

Master bathroom with black and white color scheme decor

Welcome to the dark tones! This spacious master bathroom in a 1-story, 4-bedroom, 2,686-sq.-ft. Country style home achieves a trendy, minimalist look with its black and white motif. The white walls and double vanity are accented with a black door, a picture window framed in black trim, black geometric tiles, and a hot design in 2020: the free-standing black tub (Plan #142-1169).


But what if you’re not ready to go all black in the bathroom? Designers suggest mixing up white tiles with adjoining walls that are painted black – and using brass mirrors to contrast with the dark tones.


2. Tubs of All Kinds

Once banished from the master bath in place of huge showers, the tub is back in the picture. Interior designers say that in 2020, homeowners are going for:

Free-standing tubs that give the bathroom a modern feel

Deep-soaking tubs with Art Deco accents

Black tubs with unique plumbing features – to provide a striking focal point in bathrooms that use a mix-and-match of the traditional white and the trendy black in 2020

Ofurotubs –  smaller, deeper Japanese tubs, which include a bench seat –  that are a popular choice for some master baths that cannot accommodate a large tub. In addition to taking up less space, these tubs help save on water bills because they use less water.

The bottom line is: whether it’s a contemporary deep soaking tub or a bathroom centerpiece, free-standing bathtubs provide people with a spa experience when they take long, luxuriating baths.

Luxurious free-standing bathtub in ensuite bathroom

The master suite in a spectacular 1.5-story French style home with 3 bedrooms and 2,854 sq. ft. of living space includes an elegant ensuite bathroom with this luxurious free-standing tub. Tucked in the corner of the huge master bath, the tub provides the perfect spot to relax and unwind (Plan #142-1209).


3. Sleek Clean-Lined Showers

From the industrial-inspired look of exposed shower pipes to enclosed showers that are more private, to ones with large format tiles, and linear drains, showers are getting a makeover to create a similar soothing feel that people get from a deep-soaking tub. A combination of hand-held and rainfall shower jets, adjustable pressure and temperature, specially-designed shelving and seating equal more personalized shower experiences.

 Contemporary shower that features hand-held and rainfall shower jets

This sleek-looking shower in a contemporary Prairie-style home features hand-held and rainfall shower jets for the ultimate in your shower experience. The space also includes a free-standing tub. (Its reflection is visible on the glass walls of the shower.) The Prairie-style home offers 2593 sq. ft. of living space, 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 2 half baths (Plan 161-1085).


As far as design accents go, large rectangular or square tiles made from ceramic, porcelain or stone allow a seamless look, and the illusion of a bigger space in the shower. The large tiles - which range from 16 inches to 10 feet - give the shower wall a consistent look, and also make cleaning and maintenance easier with less grout lines.

Then there is the shift from the usual center drain to linear drains. Say goodbye to visible drains. More walk-in showers in 2020 are featuring floors that slpe toward a long narrow line along the floor or tucked into the wall.


4. Floating Vanities

For another sleek look in the 2020 bathroom, go for floating vanities that don’t touch the floor and simply hang off a wall. Why are they trendy? These vanities are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Because the cabinetry doesn’t go all the way down to the floor, the space gets the feel of a more open layout. Without the legs of the vanity, it is easier to clean underneath.

The downside? Not as much storage space.

White bathroom with floating vanity and free-standing tub

White themed bathroom with floating vanity

Top: This spacious master bathroom in a gorgeous 3,237-sq.-ft. Farmhouse style home deserves an equally large and trendy master bathroom. Take a look at the floating vanity – just hanging off a wall – as well as the free-standing tub. Bottom: Here’s a better view of the floating vanity in the master bathroom (Plan #161-1124).


Modern style bathroom with floating corner vanity

This very modern bathroom is accented by a floating vanity and gold tones in the large wall tiles, mirror trims, and fixtures (photo credit: Piyush Makwana on Unsplash).


5. Wow ‘Em with the Powder Room

If you’re in the mood for more experiments in the bathroom, there’s no better place than your powder room - a relatively low-risk small space. Why leave all the exciting features and fixtures with the master bath? Indulge your creativity and don’t be afraid to explore the design trends that you have visualized for the powder room.

Consider that this room is a high-traffic area - and, is more on display to guests when families entertain. You can design an amazing original powder room, and make a definite statement. Think bold colors and patterns, ornate or whimsical wallpaper, interesting tiles as a backsplash, dark paint and geometric floor tiles for a dramatic impact.

Wood-themed bathroom with unusually shaped mirror

Step into this powder room of a modern Prairie-style home and be wowed by the unique mirror, wood accents, and fixtures. The home itself – with the stucco, rock and stone exterior facade – has tremendous curb appeal. It includes 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 half baths (Plan #161-1085)

Powder room with geometric wallpaper and mirror with complementing shape

In another amazing powder room in a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath Ranch style home, the focal point is the interesting wallpaper and complementing mirror. The framed sketches in the hallway brighten up the space (Plan # 161-1097).


6. Jazz It Up with Wall Sinks

Want to create the atmosphere of a more open layout, especially in the powder room? Go with wall-mounted sinks, that, much like floating vanities, free up floor space and add a unique and sleek touch to the bathroom.

Powder room with black wall and white wall-hung sink

The white wall-hung sink and gold-trimmed rectangular mirror against the black wall add pizzazz to this powder room in a beautiful Country style home. The sprawling 1-story residence with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths occupies 2,686 sq. ft. of space. (Plan #142-1169).


7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Want to perk up the conventional rectangular, square or circular bathroom mirrors? How about some exciting and fun-shaped frames that add to the appeal and overall modern look of the bathroom mirror? Take a step further and go for actual mirrors with asymmetrical, geometric, and other unique shapes. Get creative as possible with your choices, and still match them up with your home’s architectural style.

For dramatic effect as well as functionality, don’t forget lighting. Think of both back-lit mirrors for optimal lighting and the more creative front lights.

Bathroom with natural wood cabinets and three octagonal mirrors

A trio of fun-shaped framed mirrors are the focal point of this master bathroom in a 1-story, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath Southwestern style home. The house covers a total heated area of 2,770 sq. ft. and features a basement level, an inner courtyard that includes a lounge area with a fireplace, and a spacious Great Room (Plan #194-1046).


8. Color It Bold with Tiles

The plain white subway tiles are out for now as funkier-shaped and colorful tiles get into the picture. Whether it’s the shower wall or the floor, the 2020 bathroom will feature more hexagons, scallops, abstract patterns, rich florals, and eye-catching tones and shades. Popular motifs include multi-patterned tiles, terrazzo, and European decorative cement tiles. These handcrafted exports add both personality and texture to the bathroom.

Neutral-colored bathroom with floor that has bold-patterned tiles

Decor accents – patterned floor tiles, gold tones in the knobs and mirror – give this bathroom in a luxurious Farmhouse style home a sleek modern touch. The 1.5-story open floor plan home occupies 3,237 sq. ft. of space and includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (Plan #161-1124).


9. Marble, Brass, and Gold

The shift from the shiny polished chrome to the more trendy shades of brass and gold in plumbing fixtures or marbleized wallpaper give a more luxurious feel to the 2020 bathroom. Marble with its colors, patterns, and veining add visual interest to the overall design of the ensuite or the powder room. And a combination of these warm finishes makes for a stylish space.  

Marble and gold bathroom with twin oval mirrors

Take a look at the combination of marble and gold in this bathroom. The mirrors and gold decor accents give it a modern but warm feel (photo credit: Christian Mackie on Unsplash).

Bathroom accent wall with marble-pattern wallpaper and long oval mirror

Just imagine this in your bathroom: an accent wall of marble wallpaper topped off with gold fixtures and accessories (photo credit: Amira Aboalnaga on Unsplash).


10. Integrated Lighting

For aesthetics and function, add exciting lighting fixtures to all the trendy accents and finishes for a complete picture in the bathroom. Mix and match sconces, small chandeliers, and pendant lights to illuminate every corner of the space.

Large bathroom with integrated lighting: recessed ceiling lights, chandelier, sconces, and hanging lights

Even with the abundant natural light that filters into the space, this master bathroom in a 4,443-sq.-ft. contemporary Colonial style house integrates all the attractive lighting fixtures in the huge room. From recessed ceiling lights to the dazzling chandelier, sconces, and hanging lights, this ensuite truly lights it up (Plan #204-1020)!


11. Tankless Toilets

Though it’s been around for many years, the tankless toilet seems to be experiencing a rise in popularity. It’s another 2020 “in” fixture that, because it’s scarce and is sleeker than the normal toilet, seems modern and contemporary. Not only do tankless toilets give the bathroom a minimalist look, they also help conserve water and take up significantly less space.

Powder room with tankless toilet and vessel sink

Want to conserve water and have more space in your bathroom? Go for tankless toilets – which are back on the rise in 2020 (photo credit: Cameron Smith on Unsplash).


12. Smart Technology

It’s not just smart mirrors in 2020. Now there are high-tech showers that conserve water and allow you to read emails or check on the weather. You’ll also find USB chargers in the vanity drawers, and app-controlled music. It is 2020, after all, and technology has entered the modern bathroom.


From art pieces in the bathroom to botanical walls, high-end finishes, patterns, colors, and technology, there’s no limit to the 2020 design ideas for your bathroom makeover.



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