Texas Style House Plans

Texas Style House Plans

Wonderful Texas style home features a wrap around porch with gazebo and one story living.

Looking to build your next home with some rustic, Texas style? We’ve put together a collection of plans that pull inspiration common to the Lone Star State.

Texas home plans vary when it comes to specific details but show trends depending on things like region and proximity to natural formations.

What Makes Up the Texas Style?

Texas has some of the most unique geography in the country, which combined with its rich history and reputation for all things big, results in some incredibly unique house styles.


The Galveston and Corpus Christi areas, for example, are close to the Gulf of Mexico, and thus these Texas style homes are more likely to include docks or backyards that lead right up to the beach or water. Plans inspired by this region of include these common features:


Some of our more traditional plans draw on the state’s agriculture and livestock lineage, resulting in more rustic Texas style house plans. Sprawling ranch, huge country style homes, and plantation homes are architectural styles commonly found. These plans typically include:

Rustic ranch style plans typically cover large areas of land, including gardens, patios, and ample outdoor entertaining spaces.

Hill Country

Another well-known style of Texas architecture is known as Hill Country. These homes draw significant inspiration from European styles thanks to the early settlers from countries such as Germany, Italy, and France. They use the natural resources of the area, including cedar and limestone, as primary building materials, resulting in a sturdy and distinct look that also carries great insulation.

Texas style home plans come in many other varieties,  including Victorian, Craftsman, cottage, and Mediterranean home designs. Whether you’re building in Austin or wanting to bring a little Dallas flare to another state, find your perfect plan here. Contact our support team with any questions!


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