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Choosing the Right Type of Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important purchasing decisions made to build a home.

There are several key considerations you should take into consideration.


  • Durability- Each room will have different traffic patterns and usage.  Wear and tear has different effects on different floorings.  Carpeting can incur snags and tears.  Wood flooring can scratch.  Tile can crack or chip.  Vinyl can wear down and lose luster in the traffic routes.  As a result, careful consideration must be made for how each room will be used and how much traffic it will have.
  • Clean ability- How much time, effort and costs will be needed to clean a floors surface weekly and monthly?
  • Safety- Smooth surfaces such as linoleum and timber floors of course become slippery when wet. Carpet is considered the best non-slip surface, followed by a slip-resistant ceramic tile, linoleum and finally timber. Tiles are rated for 'slipping' and there are companies that are able to apply a non-slip chemical to existing floor tiles if necessary. For softness of landing (avoiding injury in the event of a fall onto the floor) the safest would again be carpet, followed by timber, linoleum and finally tiles.
  • Style and looks-How well does the pattern of the flooring match the room’s color scheme and adjoining flooring in other rooms?
  • Insulation- Sound and heat are very important.  How well does the flooring muffle sound and insulate from heat loss?  Carpeting offers the best options in this case.
  • Fire resistance- It is important to think about fire retardants in carpeting and vinyl.
  • Costs-  Looking at the cost per square yard is the best way to compare flooring options.  It is best to set a budget then buy the best flooring that meets your needs.

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