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Spectacular Luxury House Plans

Luxury House Plan # M4650A3RA-0-SPS
Luxury Home Plan # M7400A4S-0-SPS
Country Home Plan # M6575A4S-0-SPS
Arts & Crafts House Plan #M4300A3ST1F-0-S
The Plan Collection is home to thousands of beautiful home plans, yet only a select few stand in rivalry positions to these Luxury Residences like House plan #M7400 and #M6575. The home plan # M7400 is a neatly authentic portrayal of an old New-England Style Shingletown. Even if this one is just slightly beyond your budget, take some time and get some ideas from this plan. This designer may have other home plans within his gallery that suites your needs perfectly. If this one is with-in your budget, they don’t get any better than this. Click on this link to view this designer's entire plan gallery

We at The Plan Collection are excited to feature these new editions to our Luxury House Plan gallery. This home designer is an industry leader in custom and speculative residential design, from efficient starter homes and carefully planned neighborhood developments to spectacular private estates. They create eye-catching designs with great curb appeal, documented by high-quality architectural drawings. From our convenient web site, you can browse hundreds of state-of-the-art home plans, order plans on-line, or ask our experienced sales associates and designers how to make your dream house a reality. We want to provide you with the home of your dreams!

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