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Out with the Old and In with the New in Bathroom Designs

Last updated June 13, 2019

Today’s Bath... Not Your Father’s Bathroom Anymore


Remember when the bathroom was a no-frills, simple, and necessary place in the home?  Say goodbye to that idea. The bathroom—much like the kitchen—has been one of the most renovated, upgraded, and modernized spaces in a home. From a basically functional space in the home, the bathroom has evolved into a room where people not only get cleaned but, especially in master baths, can also relax and experience “spa-like” benefits.


Welcome to the 21st century, where a space once deemed as merely serviceable has now become a “luxury” item. With the average home in 2015 expected to include 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms, homeowners are ready to spruce up old bathrooms and add new ones equipped with all the trendy features.



Here’s a look at some of the hot trends in the 2015 bathroom


1.  Welcome to the bathroom with a contemporary vibe—one with modern, clean lines.

Streamlined, modern master bathroom.

Master bathroom with huge walk-in shower

In 2015, master bathrooms will be more streamlined with a contemporary feel - but with plenty of spa-like pampering. On the left: this very modern home shows how a clean, streamlined master bath can still really make a “wow” statement (Plan #107-1015). On the right: this contemporary-feeling master bathroom is complete with a double-sized walk-in rain shower and soaking tub in an otherwise traditional Craftsman-style home. (Plan #109-1056)



2.  In with walk-in showers: More spacious and accessible than the conventional bathtub/shower combination, walk-in showers are also water-saving designs.

The master bath of this one-story Craftsman home features both a walk-in shower and a freestanding bathtub. (Plan #163-1047)



3.  Soaking/stand-alone bathtubs are popular choices. While showers will be the hot trend in 2015, some homeowners still want their bathtubs where they can soak, linger, and relax.

A soaking tub is the centerpiece of this elegantly designed master bath of a two-story Mediterranean home. (Plan # 107-1085)



4.  Water-efficient toilets continue to be high on the list of homeowners in 2015.


Conserving water is part of a greener footprint – and water-saving toilets are major contributors to conservation. (Plan #153-1781)



5.  Spacious double-sink vanities are a must in modern master bathrooms and even make their way into secondary bathrooms serving more than one bedroom.  


Split vanity bathrooms - particularly in the master bath - make for convenience and efficiency as seen in the master bath of a two-story Tuscan home (above) two-story Craftsman home (below) . 




6.  Glass features make for a lot of natural light in your bathroom. In 2015, there will be more non-transparent glass windows and glass-enclosed showers to maximize light and the sense of space in the bathroom.   


Glass windows and a glass-enclosed shower give the master bathroom of this two-story country house plan an abundance of light. (Plan 161-1030)



7.  Out with white paint: Beige, blue, and light brown hues are still popular colors. But according to experts, gray and its various shades will be the preferred colors in 2015.


       Master bathroom with beige tones and glass block.

Beige and light brown tones and the glass panes give this bathroom a warm feel. (Plan 161-1049)


   Very modern and streamlined master bathroom with walk-in rain shower.

Shades of gray will be the trend in 2015 like in this very modern master bath with walk-in rain shower. (Plan 116-1080)



If you’re in the mood to remodel or build a new bathroom, you can mix and match some of these hot trends to create your perfect bathroom in 2015!



Footnote: The lead image in this article is from a Mountain West craftsman style home, Plan #161-1021. To view more, click here.



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