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Installing a putting green in our backyard

Part of our remodeling project included installing an artificial putting green in the backyard.  I researched all the different options available.  In fact, 7 years ago I actually tried to grow a real putting green.  I talked with several people who maintain the greens at the golf course.  All of them tried to talk me out it.  I ignored their advice and tried it anyway.  I followed all of the steps and used the exact bent grass that the courses use around my home.  It grew very well and looked great in no time.  However, it required a lot of attention.  It needed to be mowed with a special greens mower on a daily basis.  I tried to find a used mower, but the lowest I could find was around $6,500.  I didn't want to pay that much so I bought a reel mower and managed to lower it to about a half an inch.  It looked like a putting green, but it didn't roll like one.  I added more sand to it and that helped, but it still wasn't rolling very well.  I played with it so much that I actually killed it. 

I would highly dissuade anyone from trying to grow a real green.  The newest nylon putting green requires no sand on top and look and feel like a real green. My family and I love to play on it and we are truly getting better. My five-year old son has beaten me several times now.  I can only imagine how good he can be if he continues to practice.  I just like investing in our home for our own enjoyment.  I mentioned earlier that we built an indoor basketball/racquetball court in our home.  We have enjoyed that so much and have benefited in many ways because of it.  I think these things keep our family active and we will know where our kids will be, and their friends, when they are teenagers.

Send me an email at jaren@jthomes.com  if you have any questions about artificial putting greens, or designing a home plan with an indoor basketball court.


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