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Improving Your New House Plan’s Value

Home builders are usually pretty busy initially -- choosing their new neighborhood and finding the right lot, then selecting the right house plan, builder and all the rest of the details.  How many of you actually think ahead about what you can add that will actually increase its value while your home is being built?  Of course, your primary concern is to make sure your new house plan suits you and your family, but it is also a good idea to also think about the future when some day you may decide to sell it. Here are a few tips for things you should be thinking about now, that will add resale value later.


Open spaces. Inside the home make sure your plan has open space. You want to make sure to create a sense of flow in the home because today’s buyers want an open floor plan, with living spaces off the kitchen and dining areas. Also two bathrooms are a must, but if your plan has 2 ½ baths, this will enhance its resale value.


Let there be light. So that means your new house plan needs to include everything from large windows, to skylights, and right down to dimmer switches. Some people are really enjoying the popular sun tube also known as light pipes, or tubular skylights, which funnel natural light from a globe-capped hole cut in a rooftop down through reflective materials and into the home.


Quality floor treatments are essential.  Never underestimate the importance of what you put underneath your feet.  For an estimated average investment of $600 to $900, one brokers report says that the return in value can bring up to $2,000.


Plan more closet space. People want closet space, and just because you have a smaller family, and not much stuff does not mean the person looking to purchase your new home won’t need more space.  So it is wise to make sure you have more than enough closet space when you build your new house. Plan a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and don’t forget to build an ample linen closet. Make sure that your laundry facilities are on the main floor of your house plan and that this area is away from the main living areas. These strategies will most definitely increase your future resale value.


Go Green. Green efficiency and lowering energy costs are a key selling point, so these features actually do add value to your new house plan.  A solar-powered water heater could save about 80 percent on water-heating, while the newer model air conditioning units can help save from up to 30 to 40 percent. Plus you can get money back with green tax credits. In fact, research published by The Appraisal Journal outlines an estimated energy savings of about twenty times in annual savings which can be added to the value of your home.


Lot size should be rectangular and level. Research proves that a home’s yards should be both level and not odd-shaped, because these lots are harder to resell. Chose a rectangular, flat lot. Additionally most home owners seek lots of space in the front and back yards.


Landscaping adds value. Attractive landscaping is essential to entice a prospective home buyer, so never skimp on the landscaping when you build your new home. After all this is also what your visitors will see first when they come visit you in your new home. But also do not over landscape. Remember to plan how the trees and shrubs you plant will grow to look many years later.


The Plan Collection (www.theplancollection.com) offers thousands of house plans than can be customized by your builder to include value-added features. 

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