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Avoid Costly Home Building Mistakes

When building a new home, make sure you have a professional home plan, and a good contractor, because mistakes can be costly and lead to poor quality, scheduling delays and budget increases. worse, some mistakes could actually cause structural damagethat could endanger lives.


Mistakes not only show a lack of knowledge, so when you hire a contractor to work on your new house, be sure to check their references, as well as their license status to make sure it is current, and that they are insured and bonded.


Another thing. Insist on acquiring a building permit, because the inspection process offers a third-party set of eyes on the work that is being done, but can often help weed-out the illegitimate trades-person.


And last, The Plan Collection (www.theplancolleciton.com)  is always here to lend a guiding hand with your new house plan and home contruction. Call or email if you have any questions @ 1-866-787-2023.


August 14, 2014

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