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Top Interior Home Design Trends for 2017

2017s Important Home Decor Trends Display Overriding Theme – Casual Comfort


Trends in interiors may not be as fleeting as they are in fashion, but there are still strong popular styles that ebb and flow each year – and sometimes throughout the seasons. Trends such as the recent adoration for marble and copper tend to stick around for at least a year, whereas trends for larger items of furniture last longer, the industry recognizing that these are investment purchases.

Six of the most essential interior trends of the moment – and the coming year – are detailed below, all of them having slowly gained momentum over the past year and are currently at their height, set to remain popular for the rest of 2017.




1. Comfortable Home to the Max – Hygge

Comfort in 2017 has a new name: hygge. There have been no fewer than six books books published about hygge recently, with more on the way in 2017. Roughly translated as “coziness,” the beloved Danish word is much more than that, describing a Scandinavian way of life rather than a simple aesthetic. To embrace hygge in your home, you must first create a warm and comfortable ambiance by lighting candles, layering blankets and sheepskins, and adding plenty of pillows to your sofas, armchairs, and beds. Place lanterns on shelves – or hang them from the ceiling – dimming the overhead lights in favor of flickering tea lights. If you have a fireplace, light a fire in it to use as the focal point of your room. Once your home feels cozy, invite company through your doors, offering freshly baked food and warm drinks to make your guests feel at home.

Photo illustrating hygge interior home design trnd

Soothing comfort is the mainstay of the Scandinavian hygge trend, embodied here by the warmth of the room, soft woolen accessories, and comfy throwrug. A warm drink and comfortable clothing complete the aesthetic (Photo Credit: Paige Cody on Unsplash).


Comfortable family room in House Plan #161-1067

This family room in a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath Craftsman home plan displays the bones of the hygge style in the fireplace, comfortable furniture and area rug, and abundance of throw pillows (House Plan #161-1067). A collection of lighted candles and tea lights, some lanterns, soft layered blankets on the couches and chairs – and maybe the aroma of freshly baked goods – would complete the scene.




2. Couture Fashion Comes Home with Velvet

From the catwalks to magazines and boutiques, the fashion world has become besotted with velvet and similar textural fabrics; the sumptuous fabric is now creeping its way into our homes. If you’re wary, opt for oversize velvet pillows to add a hint of the trend to your lounge or bedroom, mixing them in among other fabrics to add interesting layers of texture to your room. For the more adventurous, take the plunge and invest in a velvet sofa or armchair to introduce a real statement piece to your home. Subtle shades of gray are great for those who prefer a more minimal home, but why not opt for a dramatic emerald green or mustard velvet sofa to create a bold impact?

Family room in House Plan #153-1897

Soft velvet sofa and chairs like these in family room of a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath Contemporary European home plan are popular – part of the larger trend toward comfort in home décor (House Plan #153-1897).



3. Winter Jungle

The urban botanicals trend has been around for over a year now with a new generation taking an interest in houseplants of the like that has not been seen since the 1970s. Although botanicals may seem to be a summer-focused trend, a burst of green can easily be added to your home all year round, even during the darker months. Spurred on by the likes of famous designers like Abigail Ahern, try painting your walls a dark hue of gray or black as a backdrop for a sophisticated winter jungle. Oversized plants and cacti (real or faux) will create the boldest impact, and don’t be afraid to introduce an excess amount of greenery into a small space. Palm, leaf, and bamboo prints emblazoned upon textiles are great alternatives to real plants if you don’t have a particularly green thumb.

Family room with plants in House Plan #163-1047

Large houseplants like these in a large 6-bedroom, 5.5-bath Country style home plan make a big year-round impact in home décor and are making a strong comeback – some say the strongest in 40 years – due to interest by Miliennials and a wider back-to-nature trend (House Plan #163-1047).




4. Classic Metal Comeback – Brass

Copper may have been the predominant metal for the past year, but brass is offering a point of difference and more elegance than the abundance of copper that surrounds us. Instantly adding warmth to a room, brass detailing or accessories feel at once both sophisticated and on trend. Try to keep all of the metal in your room to one tone, including the hardware of furniture, decorative accessories and any detailing to create a more style-conscious look. The beauty of brass is that it won’t weather and fade as untreated copper does, giving your new purchases more longevity in your home.

Vaulted ceiling with brass fan in House Plan #180-1025

Porch with brass ceiling fan in House Plan #180-1025

These ceiling fans in a 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath luxury European style home plan combine the trends of florals (with their leaf-like design) and brass (here in an antique finish) in interior home design in a highly unusual way (House Plan #180-1025).


Living room showing brass decor

The brass accent lamp traditional living room brightens up the space - and definitely signals the trends toward bright metallic in home décor (Photo Credit: Austin Wehrwein on Unsplash).




5. Mid Century Modern

An infatuation with the styles of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s dips in and out of fashion every couple of years, but this time around there seems to be a real demand for a Mid Century Modern aesthetic. Authentic furniture by the likes of Eames, Ercol, and Arne Jacobsen is much coveted in retro furniture warehouses and on eBay, while contemporary interpretations from brands such as West Elm are in increasingly high demand. Rather than replicating an entire ‘70s look, pair authentic retro furniture with contemporary accessories, wooden floorboards, and clean white walls to keep your home from looking like a museum.

Hallway with Mid Century Modern decor in House Plan #153-1897

This hallway in a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath Contemporary European style home displays a fascination with Mid-Century Modern design, a rising interior home décor trend that speaks to the cyclical nature of fashion and design tastes (House Plan #153-1897).




6. Many Shades of Green

Dark walls have been popular for the past couple of years, with navy and grey hues attracting the most attention over the past 12 months. This winter, we’re seeing a rise in popularity of green painted walls, from dark and moody tones to softer sage or even bright shades. Green walls are the perfect accompaniment to several other popular trends at the moment, helping to create a cozy room and providing the perfect complement to brass accessories. If you’re renting while your new house plan is being built and can’t paint your walls, try introducing a statement piece of green furniture, a scattering of green accessories or green curtains to embrace the trend. You can incorporate them later when your new home is ready.

Living room with green, comfortable decor

This lovely laid-back-feeling room is right in step with today’s decorating trends: green walls, comfort décor, a slight Mid-Century Modern aesthetic – all while giving a definite contemporary ambiance (Photo Credit: Guillermo Nolasco on Unsplash).


From the coziness of a roaring fire to a plush velvety couch to soothing green walls or comforting green houseplants, laid-back luxury and warm relaxation seem to be major guideposts to interior design aesthetics in 2017.


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