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How Suite It Is

This impressive manor home is the perfect solution for any family that wants to provide a separate living space for a guest or parent within their home. The house itself is beautiful with its symmetrical design and dramatic roofline. At only 2,841 square feet the home is affordable. However, with upscale features and a stately appearance, the home is still luxurious and elegant.

This home plan has style. The design is reminiscent of a European estate with its grand entry, large windows, and decorative balconies. One of the best features of this home is the staircase. It is quite large and makes for a spectacular focal point. The rear of the house enjoys great views of the surrounding landscape with plenty of windows. Feel free to add as many as you would like with your builder. The floor plan is traditional, matching the architectural style of the home, but could be opened up with a few small modifications.

As beautiful of a house as it is, the In-Law Suite (pictured to the left) is really what sets this house apart. The separate suite is approximately 500 sq. ft. and boasts a full kitchen, living room, and dining room. The bedroom and bathroom are fair-sized as well. This private suite offers the opportunity for family members to be part of the family, but completely independent as well.


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