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Help The Plan Collection Support Semper Fi Fund

Do Your Part to Support Semper Fi Fund

We at The Plan Collection believe in doing anything we can to help others. That’s why we love supporting charities and causes that are close to our hearts and do good for others. With Veteran’s Day soon approaching, we’d like to tell you about a very special charitable organization we support called Semper Fi Fund. The Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need during their recovery and transition back to their communities. The organization works to ensure that no soldier is left behind.

A bit of history – Semper Fi Fund was created in 2004 by a group of Marine Corps spouses. Today, it is still run by those same women as well as others who have joined to help along the way. Being in similar situations themselves, the women in this group know firsthand what injured and ill military vets and families need. They stand by the side of each and every injured vet, helping them and their families on the long road to recovery.

Since starting in May of 2004, Semper Fi Fund has issued 149,000 grants that have totaled more than $158 million in assistance to over 19,500 American heroes and their families. It has achieved a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator 6 years in a row and received an A+ from Charity Watch. It’s pretty incredible what they have achieved in just 13 years.

Spouses of military vets who started and help run Semper Fi Fund

Getting together in May 2004, a goup of military veteran spouses started Semper Fi Fund. They, along with others, still help run the charity organization. Karen Guenther, Founder, President, and CEO, is pictured center; Sondria Saylor, Vice President, Western Region, is at left; Wendy Lethin, Secretary, Board of Directors, Vice President Community Outreach, is at right (courtesy Semper Fi Fund).



Who Do They Help?

Semper Fi Fund helps qualifying post-9/11

     • Marines

     • Sailors

     • Soldiers

     • Airmen

     • Coast Guardsmen

     • Reservists.

The organization helps personnel with such things as

     • Amputations

     • Spinal cord injuries

     • Traumatic brain injury

     • Severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

     • Burns

     • Blindness

     • Other physical injuries and those suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Semper Fi Fund works to ensure that not only our heroes, but their families are helped as much as possible. It believes, and we agree, that our heroes have sacrificed much in their lives and that they deserve the best possible care and support available in their time of need – whenever that may be.

Semper Fi Fund service dogs and veteran

Semper Fi Fund's Tim and Sandy Day Canine Companions project helps wounded service members and their families live fulfilling lives by uniting them with service dogs as they transition back to civilian life and deal with phsical rehabilitation (courtesy Semper Fi Fund).


How Exactly Do They Help?

Semper Fi Fund believes that every situation, challenge, and solution is unique. What works for one injured or ill vet might not work for another. Each situation deserves individual attention to find the resources needed for recovery.

Help is offered in many forms – financial, emotional, and psychological – through a number of various programs, including the following:


Family Helping Hand

The Family Support Program aims to help families dealing with an injured veteran from the very beginning to recovery. Besides financial support, Semper Fi Fund offers a number of services to those in need, including

     • House assistance

     • Transportation assistance

     • Specialized and adaptive equipment

     • Kids camp

     • Caregiver support and retreats.

Semper Fi Fund kids camp

Semper Fi Fund's kids camps are summer programs designed to help children of military families learn coping skills. But the programs go beyond summer by pairing older (high-school-age) children with younger children with the goal of forming a bond during the summer and maintaining that connection afterward as part of a mentor program (courtesy militaryshoppers.org).


Semper Fi Fund helps wheelchair-bound veterans and those with catastrophic injuries make their homes accessible by covering costs for wheelchair ramps and such. They also help veterans who have fallen behind in their payments due to injuries.

Families suffer much pain in these situations and Semper Fi Fund does everything they can to help make things easier – both financially and emotionally.


Coming Back

The Transition Program aims to help service members successfully reintegrate into their communities through

     • Education and career assistance

     • “veteran 2 veteran” support (V2V)

     • The Semper Fi Fund Apprenticeship Program

     • Veteran and unit reunions

     • The Semper Fi Fund Odyssey Retreat.

It’s extremely challenging for a veteran to reenter society after what they’ve been through, and it’s Semper Fi Fund’s mission to help them get through this change. Veterans can often be misunderstood, but with the proper help and attention, transitions are becoming easier. 

Semper Fi Fund military reunion

Semper Fi Fund sets up reunions for veterans who deployed together so that they can reconnect with the people in their unit and be around others who understand their unique situation. The events normally take place outdoors at farms or ranches and are intended to help speed and reinforce recovery and growth (courtesy Semper Fi Fund).


Whole-Self Care

Injured/ill vets need more than just physical help – they need to heal their minds and spirits as well. That’s why Semper Fi Fund created the

Wellness Program

        - NeuroFitness

        - high-tech medical devices

        - counseling

        - doc’s corner

        - post-traumatic growth video resources

        - alternative health solutions (acupuncture, yoga, sleep kit).

These aspects of the program and more help heal the mind, body, and soul of our injured veterans. Sport programs have been created, such as Team Semper Fi, to help build camaraderie and provide veterans with encouragement, motivation, and individual goals to help them succeed through sports.

Members of Team Semper Fi

Team Semper Fi, comprising more than 1,700 service members who qualify for Semper Fi Fund assistance, participate in a plethora of sports activities, including golf, snowboarding, running, triathalon, horsemanship, bike riding, kayaking, and more, to build self-confidence, strength, and companionship (courtesy Semper Fi Fund).


Other programs are offered, too, as well as assistance for families – children of service members suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are able to attend a week-long camp to help them cope with living with someone with PTSD. Whatever help veterans need and whatever their situation is, Semper Fi Fund is there to help.

Semper Fi Fund isn’t an average charity. It goes above and beyond in helping injured/ill vets and ensuring that the families are taken care of as well. They have over 13 years of experience and have been in similar situations themselves, so they truly understand the unique situations these people are experiencing. Semper Fi Fund is committed to helping those who preserve our freedom and will continue to do whatever it can to make a difference. 



How Can I Help?

As previously mentioned, we at The Plan Collection want to do what we can to support charities we believe in. Semper Fi Fund is an amazing military charity and we truly believe that they are making a difference for our veterans in this world.  Our heroes have sacrificed for us and we want to do whatever we can to give back.

Do you feel the same way? Help us in our support of Semper Fi Fund through charitable giving! Being a nonprofit organization, Semper Fi Fund relies on the generosity of donors to support wounded veterans and their families. There are multiple ways to donate and every single one, large or small, makes a difference!

If you’re looking to personally donate:  

     1. Set up a recurring donation to help out each month or year.

     2. Donate in memory or honor of a veteran you know and love.

     3. Call or mail-in a donation of your choice.

Workplace donations can also be made, and corporate support opportunities are available. Many companies offer matching gift donations to their employees to increase the power of donations.

Investment opportunities plus other donating opportunities – host an event, shop to support, or create a fundraising campaign – are available if you are interested in helping Semper Fi Fund support our American heroes.

These brave men and women deserve the best possible care in the world and Semper Fi Fund is determined to give it to them. Do your part today and visit the Semper Fi Fund website to donate. Your American heroes thank you!


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