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Angelina - A Goddess of Luxury House Plans

Rear photo of this luxury home.


Let me introduce you to Angelina. Don’t let her stunning façade fool you. She’s as smart as she is beautiful, and surprisingly warm and inviting. Who said Luxury isn’t friendly? Angelina can host relaxed dinner parties and other social gatherings with elegance, but without being stone cold. Ever been in a luxury house that you couldn’t feel comfortable in? Angelina shatters that perception with an open floor plan that brings guests and family together.

Once you get past the striking curb appeal, the balance of the home really starts to shine. The interior matches the rustic beauty of the exterior. Upon entry, you stand in a two story foyer that is defined by the upper floor bridge. Passing beneath the bridge brings you into the great room, the center of this masterpiece. In this area, you’ll find the dining room, the breakfast nook, and the kitchen all together, encouraging a friendly atmosphere and an easy elegance brought on by the warm surroundings.

There are a few keynotes that make this possible. First, all the bedrooms are upstairs. This gives privacy to those who want it, and helps keep the main area clean and tidy. Second, the recreation is provided for downstairs. This leaves the main floor available for food and socializing, while ruckus and rough housing, even loud movies, can all take place in an appropriate location (don’t worry, they’ve got a bar too). It also allows multiple members of the family to entertain multiple unrelated guests at the same time.

Many of our luxury house plans have adapted to this new age demand. Though we have plenty of traditional mansions available as well, the dominant age of formal waiting rooms that isolate the family from their guests is over. More and more families are spending the majority of their time in the kitchen, and bringing their guests with them. Angelina, and other luxury plans like her, is accommodating this demand in a tasteful and inviting manner that is just as graceful as her predecessors.

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