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A Unique Prairie House Plan


Unique is a word that describes us all. Sure, we all have the same basic components, but we all differ in very meaningful ways. And those differences shape our lives and make them beautiful. Your home should be the same. It should conform to your needs and cater to your livelihood. Is this possible with stock plans? You bet it is. We have thousands of truly unique plans from hundreds of creative minds throughout the US and Canada. This home is a perfect example of great architecture with an exceptional floor plan.

This plan follows the principles used by many famous architects including Frank Lloyd Wright. It came to be known as Prairie Style. This modern Prairie design has a retro classic feel that honors the historic nature of this style. The emphasis is to unify the structure with the landscape so that the house looks natural as if it were an element of the topography. This ability to blend in with the native environment has become widely popular as it merges the outdoors with the indoors.

This plan features many windows for great views and natural light. A special characteristic of the plan is the rear courtyard, creating an outdoor living space and, in reality, increasing the square footage of your home without the added cost of building. As an extension of this concept, the home also enjoys a wrap-around covered front porch. The low-pitched hip roof follows the line of the horizon. The use of natural exterior finish materials further joins the house with the terrain. This Prairie-style home not only has great looks, but the one-of-a-kind floor plan creates a peaceful lifestyle that compliments the goal of Prairie design.


The front entrance takes you into an art gallery, where guests can enter without feeling like they’ve interrupted something. It’s also a great place to display family photos, or your original art pieces (including the ones on the refrigerator). The living and dining rooms are on their respective sides of the gallery. Behind the gallery is the family room that boasts a fireplace, a two-story ceiling, clerestory windows above, and access to the rear courtyard. The kitchen is open to the family room and also has access to the rear. Beyond is the laundry room and a very secluded master suite. Across the courtyard, the plan offers a guest suite that is equally secluded behind two other bedrooms. This layout offers immediate access to the outdoors, an open living space, secluded bedrooms, and a big kitchen. There isn’t much more to ask for.


If this isn’t the plan you’re after, keep looking. We’ve got over 16,000 plans from over 50 different design and architecture firms. Feel free to give us a call and we can assist you in your search. If we’re not available, we work well with emails as well. To see more Prairie style plans, follow this link. If you want to see other plans by this company, click here. If you need more search options, go to our Advanced Search. We’re confident we can find a plan that’s right for your unique lifestyle.

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