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Craftsman Style House Plans – The Right Style for Today's Aesthetic

Craftsman Style House Plans – The Right Style for Today's Aesthetic

Craftsman house plans style of architecture exhibiting details such as low pitched roof with deep, overhanging eaves.

Craftsman house plans are one of the more popular architectural styles. These homes traditionally feature gabled or hipped roofs with classic shingles and overhangs, porches with columns, exposed rafters and beams inside, lots of windows, a fireplace, and natural building materials. The exterior typically features warm colors and a cozy curb appeal. This style has adapted to modern needs and now it's common to see open floor plans, open kitchens that include a breakfast nook, and main level master suites.

This home design falls under the Arts and Crafts movement “umbrella,” which also includes the Prairie, Mission, and Four-Square designs. The Craftsman home, in its earliest form, has been around since the early 20th Century. The style’s name was derived from The Craftsman, a popular magazine founded in 1901 by Gustav Stickley, the famous editor and furniture maker/designer.


About Craftsman Style Homes

After the 1920s, when ranch and mid-century styles gained prominence, the Craftsman design was replaced, but it had a resurgence in the 1990s that has lasted to the present day. In its modern revival, the Craftsman style is still as charming and attractive as ever. It reflects a back-to-nature aesthetic that appeals to homeowners as a comfortable family home option.

Similar to the Arts and Crafts style, there are a few distinguishing features that most Craftsman style home plans include:

  • An overhanging, low-pitched gable or hip roof
  • Gabled dormer or shed dormer windows within the roofing structure
  • Multi-pane windows
  • Wide porches in the front that often extend the width of the home
  • Porch columns oftentimes tapered square columns
  • Built-in cabinetry, pantry, and shelves
  • A fireplace
  • Natural materials used in construction (wood, stone, brick)
  • Usually one story or two stories
  • Commonly built on a basement foundation, which adds square footage

From the original style of this home in the early 1900s to today's "modern" version, this style's timeless aesthetic is proof that it's here to stay. Shop our wide selection of Craftsman home plans below and find a home that has both classic charm and modern functionality. 

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