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Farmhouse Plans

Farmhouse Plans

Traditional farmhouse style home with long, front covered porch, gable roof, and an informal yet inviting feel.

Farmhouse plans are timeless and have remained popular for many years. Classic plans typically include a welcoming front porch or wraparound porch, dormer windows on the second floor, shutters, a gable roof, and simple lines, but each farmhouse design differs greatly from one home to another. The kitchen and dining room areas are a common gathering spot for the family and are often quite spacious.

From the first “folk” houses built of mud, grass, stone, or logs in the 1700s to today’s modern version, the American farmhouse remains one of the most picturesque and charming home styles. Today’s farmhouse house plans have the same elegant beauty but with more design elements that are practical to modern needs.

Inspired by traditional country homes, this style has visual appeal and evokes a feeling of hearth and home, tranquility, and peace. With the rustic look being a hot trend on the architectural landscape, a growing number of home buyers are building, restoring, and preserving farmhouses. Modern features such as open floor plans, green living amenities, and bonus rooms are all common in this style today.


Modern Farmhouse Plans with Old Fashioned Charm

The term “Farmhouse” speaks more to the home’s functionality than its form, as the classic designs were built to match the large scenic plots of land on which their owners lived.

First constructed out of necessity, old fashioned farmhouse plans were built to be sturdy and purposeful. Today, modern farmhouse plans have comfortable, inviting designs, allowing the home to become the focal point of the property.

Here are some other common characteristics of farmhouse style homes:

  • They can be one- or two-story homes with simple, vertical lines and oftentimes a gable roof. Bedrooms are generally on the second floor, although many have master suites on the main floor.
  • Dormers are typically found on the second floor to allow natural light to fill the space.
  • Today, because farmhouses aren’t always built on large plots of land, there are deep plans for narrow lots and wide plans available to fit the varying sizes and shapes of lots.   
  • A signature feature is the classic front porch or wide wraparound covered porch – marking the transition from the outdoor living space to indoor living.
  • There’s typically a clear division in the floor plan between formal and informal areas like dining rooms and living rooms. The front of the home is a space perfect for entertaining guests, while the kitchen, bedrooms, and staircase are typically located at the back.
  • Spacious kitchens were a must for old-fashioned farmhouses, and the kitchen is still the place where families gather. Today’s designs typically have an expansive cooking area, roomy countertops, and an open layout that flows into the living room space.
  • Wood frame construction and wood siding are traditional. Vinyl siding has become more popular, however.
  • Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort as well as a design focal point in the room.
  • Both traditional and modern plans can include a parlor and a family sitting room.

We carry a wide selection of options in this architectural style, including everything from simple farmhouse plans to luxurious family homesteads. Browse through the beautiful designs, and find the house of your dreams!

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