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Our Team

Our Team

Rexy Legaspi

 Rexy LegaspiRexy has more than 15 years of writing, public relations/ communications, media and community relations experience, including eight in health care and wellness communications.


She has worked with global companies and non-profit organizations on corporate communications and public affairs activities; special events, promotional and educational projects, media relations, awareness and branding campaigns. Her work in promoting the “Charlie Rose Science Series” on behalf of Pfizer Inc. resulted in an enhanced corporate perception of the company.


Rexy has always been fascinated by the different house styles and designs around the world. As part of the TPC team, she is learning every day about house designs, landscapes/gardens and residential ar Read More>>

Ann Adamson

Ann Adamson

Ann has more than 30 years of experience as a writer, reviewer and editor.


During Ann’s career, she has devoted countless hours on such subjects as residential architecture, house plans, home design, interior decorating, home construction and home remodeling. She now channels all that experience and knowledge to houseplans.info, a site dedicated to all things related to house plans, home design, home building/ remodeling and interior decorating/ design.


In her spare time, Ann enjoys gardening and genealogy-related research.


Location: Connecticut

Favorite style: just about everything!

Next project: all-organic vegetable garden

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Brian Toolan

Brian Toolan

As co-founder and CEO, Brian leads the TPC Interactive team. The inspiration for TPC came when he faced his own challenges researching house plans and home design ideas online. The result was a commitment to creating a digital media platform in the housing sector. Currently, TPC operates theplancollection.com and houseplans.info.


Brian has a strong background in media and online consumer services. He was president and publisher at Creative Homeowner where he led and managed all publication-related operations and new media initiatives for this family-controlled company then publicly owned subsidiary of Courier Corporation. He joined in 2002 initially as vice president of business development to map out a new business strategy and implement a reorganization Read More>>

Timothy Bakke, Sr

Tim BakkeTim has more than 40 years of exerience in construction and home-improvement writing, editorial direction and publishing management. He has worked in magazine and book publihsing – and during the past 10-plus years in online house-plan publishing.


Previously, Tim was with Creative Homeowner, a lifestyle book and digital media publisher. There, he led a creative team publishing high-quailty lifestyle books that won dozens of industry awards. He was also part of the team that spearheaded the transition of house plans marketing from books and magazines to the Internet.


Tim enjoys researching and writing about the real estate market, residential architecture, home improvement and landscaping/gardening.


Tim is an active Read More>>

Erik Goad

Erik Goad

Erik has over a decade of experience writing for everything from international tech companies to home and lifestyle to local small businesses. He studied creative writing at San Francisco State University, the alma mater of novelist Anne Rice, and enjoys jogging and reading in his spare time.


Growing up in Southern California, Erik always enjoyed the signature bungalow and Spanish Revival houses of the area. However, he will always have a soft spot for the rugged beauty of a Craftsman-style home.


Erik enjoys writing about the nuances of different home styles, as well as sharing tips and tricks on how to make the most out of any house layout. You can find Erik on Twitter @ErikKupo.


Location: Maine

My favorite style: Cr Read More>>