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Wheelchair Accessible House Plans

Wheelchair Accessible House Plans

Wheelchair accessible home plan features country / ranch influences and extra large spaces.

A handicap-accessible house plan takes the special needs of the physically disabled into consideration throughout the entire design. These home layouts typically include fewer walls, more open space, and wider hallways to grant freedom and mobility throughout the space for those that require the use of a wheelchair.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that public spaces are designed to accommodate disabled patrons, and these homes do as well. After all, living with a disability presents many challenges, as the ADA acknowledges, and navigating the home shouldn't be one of them.

Room Features in Wheelchair Accessible Floor Plans

It all begins by opening up the main living area in the floor plan, removing unnecessary boundaries, and allowing residents access to every section of the home plan. Either in the existing wheelchair accessible home plan itself or with modifications by the designer or your builder, features such as extra-wide hallways and expanded, wider doorways in the floor plan help accommodate the extra space needed for a wheelchair, enhancing mobility and independence. These features may also be referred to as Universal Design.
Here are some other common features of these homes:

  • The kitchens in wheelchair accessible homes receive special attention to remove common obstructions and inconveniences. By lowering the counters, rounding out corners, and removing walls, everyone can enjoy the space comfortably and without complication.
  • In most cases, designers create one-story, handicap accessible house plan to ensure that residents can get to each room in the house. However, some plans feature multiple stories, placing additional bedrooms upstairs to make more space for living areas. Working with your contractor, these homes can also include sturdy grab bars in key areas to offer reliable support for all types of movement. Multiple-story wheelchair-accessible house plans may also offer lifts or elevators to allow the disabled to travel up the stairs independently.
  • These homes include larger bathroom floor plans that feature wide, open spaces to allow wheelchairs to enter and move about with ease. They may also include special shower configurations that feature roll-in floors, seats, and lower showerheads. Homeowners should also install non-slip floors to allow wheelchairs to gain traction without getting caught on carpets or damaging the ground.
  • Another characteristic you’ll want to look out for is a flat, roll-in entry or a ramp leading up to the front door (you can also have a ramp or ramps installed during construction if one isn’t called out in the plans). Some plans may feature a single permanent ramp, while others may incorporate both ramps and stairs at each entrance.

Ensure that your home will provide easy mobility for those living there by choosing one of our wheelchair accessible house plans. If you have any questions about certain features or needs you have for your home, our customer support team will be happy to help!

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